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Bullying among youngsters

No description

Sarah Khalil

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of Bullying among youngsters

Bullying among youngsters
Is teenage bullying common?
Physical Bullying
Usually includes

Punching etc.
Force him or her to do something
What is bullying?
Different kinds of bullying
Verbal Bullying
Use demeaning language
Intention to hurt the other person
Humiliate in front of others
Cyber Bullying
Electronic = problem for teens
Instant messaging
Humiliate and embarrass others
Emotional Bullying
Includes emotional methods
Family and friends
Family First Aid
30 %
More common among younger teens than older teens
Physical bullying common among boys
Number of effects
Physical problems and injuries

What are some of the effects
of teenage bullying?

Reducing teenage bullying

Difficult to address teen bullying
Discourage bullying situations
Our opinion:
Encouraged to seek friends
Online or in person
Difficult to totally prevent teenage bullying
Encourage good efforts to reduce bullying
Try to help them get through bullying
Our example
Using verbal and mental bullying
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