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Reva Kamboj

on 16 November 2013

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Transcript of Victorians

Who are the Victorians?
The Victorian age in British history is named after Queen Victoria, who was Britain's queen from 1837 until 1901.
There were big differences in homes, schools, toys and entertainments.
No TV, no computers, no central heating, no cars (until the last few years of Queen Victoria's reign), many children went to work, not to school.
Queen Victoria
Victorian Schools
Victorian schools are very different to the schools we are in now because they did not have iPads or laptops to do fun activities and lessons on. In the same way they didn't have the same subjects especially girls. Boys and girls did not sit next to each other.
In Victorian schools punishments were sometimes boring and sometimes painful.
There were 3 punishments one was a cane, basically the cane was a wooden stick that you get slapped on the palm of your hand or your bottom with, if you made a mistake. (even if it was the tiniest mistake ever.)
Another would be writing lines so like if you had forgotten your homework you would have to write on a paper 100 times 'I will not forget my homework'
Finally there was a dunces hat so if you got a question wrong you would have to sit in a corner and wear that hat.

Now it is time to check if you were listening by a quiz.
Queen Victoria often called her husband 'Dear Angel'
Queen Victoria was the monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 20th June, 1837 until her death in 22cd January 1901.
From the 1st May 1876, Victoria used the additional title of 'Empress of India'
Fact File
Born: May 24, 1819, Kensington Palace, London
Died: January 22, 1901, Osborne House, East Cowes
Full name: Alexandrina Victoria
Spouse: Albert, Prince Consort (m. 1840–1861)
Children- 9
Queen Victoria
Rich and poor families
In Victorian times many families had 10 children or even more. Sadly, most children died as babies or from diseases like smallpox (fever) and diphtheria (infectious throat disease.) Child-death struck rich and poor families.
In a Victorian town it was easy to tell who was rich and who was poor. Children with rich homes were fed well, wore warm clothes, and wore shoes on there feet.
Children who were poor wore jagged clothes and were found thin and hungry.
Rich Family
Poor Family
Books for Children
Victorian children were often given books with improving moral lessons. There were lots of books written specially for children, such as Treasure Island by R L Stevenson and Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. Perhaps the most famous Victorian children's book is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865) written by Lewis Carroll.
The Victorians loved theatre, and most towns had at least one theatre or music hall. At Christmas, lucky children were taken to the pantomime. This was often a lavish show with exciting special effects (lights, smoke, loud bangs, live animals). Poor children who could not afford a theatre seat might get a job in the pantomime as 'juvenile dancers' or 'crowds'. Children paid a penny to get into the cheap music halls, and came out whistling the latest popular song.
Theatre and Pantomime
Street Fun
In Victorian times children sometimes played on the streets. They played games like hoops, hopscotch, skipping and tag etc. They also played catch but they didn't have any proper balls so they made balls from old balls. Victorian children were able to play out in the street as there was less traffic than today. There were no cars until the 1880s.
What were Victorian factories like?
Factories were noisy. People had to shout above the rattle and hiss of machinery. They breathed air full of dust, oil and soot. Iron and steel works got so hot that workers dripped with sweat. Flames and sparks lit up the sky darkened by smoke from factory chimneys.
In school boys learned:
Technical drawing
In schools girls learned:
In school both boys and girls learned:
Drill (PE)
Victorian Factory
Important dates
The first FA cup was played in 1872.
The Crimean war began in 1853.
Victoria was crowned Queen in 1837.
The first Christmas card was invented in 1843.
Victoria died in 1901.
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