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Dollars and Sense Semester Exam Review

No description

Nia Smith

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Dollars and Sense Semester Exam Review

Savings is used for _____
goals or emergencies
Short term
What are three ways that you can save?
A savings account, money market account and a certificate of deposit (CD)
What is the difference between a commercial bank and a credit union?
Texas has ___ Career Clusters
If you take money out of a savings account to pay for a car repair, we call that.
a. Liquidity
b. Financing
c. Net worth
A ____ is a group of occupations and broad industries that share certain features?
Career Clusters
Dollars and Sense Semester Exam Review

Dollars and Sense is in the Human Services Cluster.
True or False?
Something typically money, that you owe or that is due, is the definition of?
a. finance
b. income
c. debt
d. asset
A commercial bank is operated as a business and a credit union is a non-profit financial institution.
A. Liquidity
By: Nia Smith & Kor'Neisha Speight
c. Debt
_____ is the basic calculation of the interest rate applied to the principal amount as stated on the loan.
What are three ways why you should save?
For emergencies, unforeseen opportunities, and Retirement
_____ is a component of financial planning.
Insurance planning
What is the definition of internship?
When you work somewhere for free
to learn a job.
What is different about collectibles compared to other investments?
D. They are less liquid
A. They take a long time
B. You don't get much money for them
C. They are very safe, but not insured
D. They are less liquid
What is your budget based on?
It depends on the number of members in the family, income and personal preference.
What are some other banking services?
Safe deposit boxes, money orders and bank drafts
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