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How is Nuclear Energy extracted

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Annabelle Payne

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of How is Nuclear Energy extracted

Nuclear Power/Energy
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Nuclear energy comes from the splitting of Uranium atoms. The process of this is called Fission. Fission releases the energy which can be used for making steam, this is then used in a turbine to create electricity.
You can find Nuclear energy in the nucleus of an atom. Energy is what holds the Nucleus together, infact the energy that holds the nucleus together is called the "strong force". More than half of the worlds Uranium comes from mines in Canada, Australia, and Kazakhstan. You can also find it in The United States, South Africa, Namibia, Brazil, Niger and Russia
How is Nuclear Energy extracted
Nuclear energy is one of the most popular ways to create electricity. It has been proven that Nuclear energy has the lowest effect on the enviroment because it does not emit harmful gases into the enviroment such as carbon dioxide which subsequently reduces the amount of greenhouse gases thrown into the air. Also unlike wind and solar energy, nuclear energy can be used all day everyday
What are the benefits and disadvantages
Where is it located
Nuclear energy is a cheap efficient way to create electricity. This electricity is then distributed throughout heat and power. Nuclear power has also been proven to be useful when dealing with medicine, it allows doctors to make quick and accurate diagnosis', it is also used for space travel.
What is it mainly used for?
As the years have progressed Nuclear energy has become more of a popular way to produce electricity and energy throughout. It is said that Nuclear Power Facilities can produce energy at a 91% efficiency rate while maintaining one of the lowest emission rates.

Is it a main source of energy?
Why/Why not?
Radioactive waste is produced by nuclear reactors and if not disposed and stored safely, can leak harmful toxins into the atmosphere. Things like radiation leaks have a very high occurance rate, things like the Fukushima accident pose massive risks to locals living near the epicentre of the distruction.
Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy

This is a diagram of how Nuclear Power Plants actually generates the Nuclear energy.
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