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Heart of a Champion By: Carl Deuker

No description

Matthew Farner

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Heart of a Champion By: Carl Deuker

Heart of a Champion By: Carl Deuker Exposition Rising Action Climax Conclusion Falling Action Seth is an average teenage kid that really doesn't know where to fit in. His father died when he was 7 so he lives with his mother. His best friend Jimmy, a baseball fanatic showed him the game of baseball and Seth loved it. However they face many obstacles such as Jimmy's Dad being a drunk and Seth with the loss of his father. Jimmy and Seth fight through all of them for one purpose. The love for the game of baseball. The climax is when at baseball tryouts their Sophomore year, Jimmy made the varsity but Seth didn't. This was the climax because this affected both Seth and Jimmy throughout the rest of the book. It affected Jimmy because he became the big man on campus at school. It affected Seth because he was jealous so in the off season, Seth trained harder than he ever had. Two big events happened that made up the falling action. The first event was when Jimmy died. This event was huge because it affected the team, Jimmy, Jimmy's dad, and especially Seth. The second event was when after Jimmy's death the team won their next game to go to the championship. It impacted them because it made them realize that even without Jimmy, life goes on. Matthew Farner One complication Seth faces at the start of the story is having to deal with his dead father. It is incredibly difficult not having a father around for any kid and Seth has to deal with that his whole life. Another complication Seth has to deal with is the relationship between Jimmy and his dad. Since Jimmy's dad is a drunk Jimmy is always scared to step up to him and tell him to stop. This affects Seth because he wants to help but is also to scared because he might hurt Seth. Another complication is Seth trying to compete with Jimmy in baseball and try to make the same team. This is a difficult task for Seth because Jimmy is much better than Seth. A fourth complication is Seth having to deal with his mom. Ever since Seth's dad died it has impacted both of them. One big complication is the temptation of drinking. Many times throughout the book both Jimmy and Seth receive many opportunities to drink. A sixth complication came with Jimmy's grades affecting whether or not he could play for the baseball team. Jimmy isn't a very smart kid so grades are a big impact in his life. A final complication is Seth having to deal with Coach Sharront. Coach Sharront puts many obstacles in front of Seth and plays a big role in the book "Heart of a Champion." The conclusion is that Jimmy's courage, heart, and motivation will always be with the team. Jimmy changed Seth in more ways than he could count and for that Jimmy and Seth will always be great friends no matter what happens no matter what obstacles they face.
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