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Activity 3.2.1 Fluid Power Applications

No description

Alex Castro

on 2 March 2016

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Transcript of Activity 3.2.1 Fluid Power Applications

Activity 3.2.1 Fluid Power Applications
Presented by: Alejandro Castro

Device Description
Hydraulic elevators are elevators which are powered by a piston that travels inside a cylinder. An electric motor pumps hydraulic oil into the cylinder to move the piston. The piston smoothly lifts the elevator cab and electrical valves control the release of the oil for a gentle descent.

Hydraulic elevators are used in buildings up to five or six stories high. Sometimes, but rarely, up to 8 stories high. These elevators, which can operate at speeds up to 61 meters (200 ft) per minute.
Component Identifiction
Team Members: Alejandro Castro
Course Title: P.O.E.
Name of School: Porter High School
Date: 2/24/16

System Observation
The pump forces fluid from the tank into a pipe leading to the cylinder. When the valve is opened, the pressurized fluid will take the path of least resistance and return to the fluid reservoir. But when the valve is closed, the pressurized fluid has nowhere to go except into the cylinder. As the fluid collects in the cylinder, it pushes the piston up, lifting the elevator car.

Conclusion Questions
1.) List and describe the funtioning components and purpose of fluid power device at your house or school.
A fluid power device at my house is the cylinders that hold up the hatchback of my parents car. That is a device that makes it easier for anyone to access the back storage area of their car because it allows for you to be hands-free which can help you carry something.

2.) Explain an everyday task that could be performed more efficiently if a fluid power device were utilized.
A small stool-like hydraulic powered device that could aid the person standing on it by lifting them so they could get to hard-to-reach places in their home or work environment.


The Tank/Resevoir
The main function of the tank is holding the liquid used in the system, This liquid is usually oil based because:
-Non compressible.
-Self lubricating.
The Motor/Pump
The motor pump and bearings are mounted and assembled that proper alignment of these parts is maintained under all normal operating conditions.
The main function of the pump used in hydraulic elevator is constantly pushing Liquid into the cylinder to lift the elevator, the pump is Submersible type with Variable Speed Valve Leveling.

The Valve
The main functions of the Valve are:
-Lets Liquid out of the system.
-Keeps the pressure low when open.
-Increases pressure when closed.
Hydraulic fluid flows into the cylinder which then allows for there to be pressure on the piston which can also be known as an actuator which is basically a device that transfers fluid or electrical energy into mechanical energy.
I believe that hydraulic elevators is a very safe and efficient way of transporting people up to different floors of a facility. Some possible improvements could be for the elevator to go faster with the transportation without losing it's ability to do a safe job.
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