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BC SARA AGM 2012: Social Media and Emergency Management BC

BC SARA AGM and Emergency Management BC. Opportunities in social media and safeguarding emergency volunteer voices online.

Emergency Info BC

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of BC SARA AGM 2012: Social Media and Emergency Management BC

Thank You BC SARA AGM 2012
Social Media &
Emergency Management BC And one more thing... Meet the team... Introduction Leveraging SAR Volunteer Voices Social Media: Get a Guide CONNECTING

via SOCIAL MEDIA Social Media : Do's National Volunteer Week 2012 Comox Valley SAR : Merrick Grieder Coquitlam SAR : Michael Coyle SAR organizations may wish to develop a guide or set of best practices to safeguard brand reputation. A guide can help ensure emergency volunteers stay professional and out of trouble while engaging online. Social Media / Online Communications
@Emergency Management BC EMBC guest bloggers... Share visuals of people or private property without consent
Misrepresent yourself or others
Copyright brand logos or steal intellectual property
Post inappropriate Facebook "status" updates - watch your language!
Prioritize social media before rescue activities - respond first! Social Media : Don'ts Champion Professionalism
Respect Personal Confidentiality & Privacy
Build Brand Reputation & Awareness
Celebrate Successes & Lessons Learned
Educate & Share Emergency Resources Online Social media can help bring people together during difficult times.

Always respect family wishes and check with your volunteer organization before posting anything that could be sensitive in nature.

You never know who's listening! Stay Connected! Help keep B.C. families safe! Join Emergency Management BC online! http://emergencyinfobc.gov.bc.ca/ http://www.facebook.com/BCForestFireInfo http://www.flickr.com/photos/emergencyinfobc/ http://www.youtube.com/emergencyinfobc/ http://pinterest.com/emergencyinfobc/ http://soundcloud.com/bcgov/sets/emergencyinfobc @EmergencyInfoBC http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/6096497/wright-vs-er-doctor Example: Norfolk Volunteer Fire Department, Social Media Policy Article: How to make sure your online activities do not interfere with your job as EMS providers. http://ow.ly/aIs5l BEFORE Engaging Online... Below are a few simple questions to ask yourself before using social media on – or off – the job. Help bolster yourself and your organization’s online reputation by answering yes to these questions.

Is my first priority public safety and emergency response, not social media?
Do my images, videos build a stronger, more effective and collaborative emergency management team? Do I bolster my organization’s presence and bring awareness to priority web resources?
Do I respect the individual’s identity and not risk sharing information about a victim or patient without signed consent?
Do I respect the property of my fellow British Columbians?
Do I respect emergency organizations, police investigations, on-site service providers, co-workers and homeowners?
Do I adhere to B.C.’s confidentiality laws and policies?
Do my social media communications redirect to credible, accurate and public information? Do I avoid speculating online if I do not know the answer to a safety-related question?
Do I avoid being perceived as an official media spokesperson?

Full Article: SAFEGUARDING VOLUNTEER VOICES @WORK http://www.emergencyinfobc.gov.bc.ca/emergency-volunteer-socialmedia.html Questions? Contact Emergency Management BC's Social Media team
Twitter: @EmergencyInfoBC
Email: EMBCCOMM@victoria1.gov.bc.ca
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