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Peter Pan

No description

marisa taddei

on 26 May 2013

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Transcript of Peter Pan

By Tabby & Marisa The Hero's Journey All Children Grow Up Except One The Call to Adventure Peter Pan Crossing the First Threshold Refusal of Call Supernatural Aid The Belly of the Whole Woman as Temptress The Road of Trials Meeting with the Goddess Stage 2 Stage 1 Stage 3 Tinkerbell Atonement with the Father The Ultimate Boon Refusal of Return The Magic Flight Rescue from without Crossing the Return Threshold Master of 2 Worlds Freedom to live By Tabby & Marisa The Hero's Journey All Children Grow Up Except One Peter Pan Stage 2 Stage 1 Stage 3 Peter Pan offers to take Wendy to Neverland Wendy cannot imagine leaving her brothers or parents Peter Pan and Wendy dance with the fairies Wendy challenges Peter Pan about his feelings of love Wendy and the Lost Boys are captured by Hook, and Peter Pan must fight for their lives After being shot down from a cloud, Wendy is shot by the Lost Boys but saved by Peter Pan's "kiss" Wendy's brothers and the Lost Boys get kidnapped, get into sword fights with the pirates, and almost get killed Wendy doesn't want to go home because she loves Peter, Neverland, and The Lost Boys but knows that is not where she belongs Peter Pan doesn't want Wendy to leave him and the Lost Boys without a mother Wendy reminds Peter that she will always remember him and the adventures they encountered together The boys and Wendy all safely return back to London to see their parents again on Hook's pirate ship Wendy realizes that she must grow up and be like her mother, but she will not forget about Peter Peter realizes that Wendy must grow up, and that is the way things have to be, but he will still watch over her Apotheosis
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