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Samantha's Influence

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of Samantha's Influence

My Mom
My mom has influenced me so much in my life and in my families life.
Why she's an Inluence
Becuase She Is kind to everyone and loving to my family and does everything she can to help us!!!
Dad is Influencing
My dad can also influence me very much in everything i do including my goals in life.
Shes A Good Parent
She is a very good parent and leader to my family and to my friends and everyone
My Brother
My brother paxton influences me with doing sports and keeps going
My Dad
My dad influences me by pushing you forward and to keep going what ever you do.
Influences in Samantha's Life
My Teachers
They teach me everything i need to know.
Teachers Help you to learn
They teach you things that are improtant in life.
My Grandma
Because She also teaches me how to cook and does piano lessons for me and my brothers and sisters.
My Grandpa
He loves sports and he always helps me with my sports like soccer and he also does archaeology and i do work with him.
My Aunt Sabrina
My Aunt is adopted and she went to cosmetology school and she loves doing my hair and so i do my hair and want to go to cosmetology
My Uncle Asa
My Uncle has muscular distrafy and it helps me to never give up like him because he is still moving forward.
My Aunt Kara
My aunt Kara goes to college at UVU and she is a dancer there and I want to become a dancer like her.
My Uncle Fred
My Uncle Fred lives in Nevada and he works for the military and he is a doctor there and i also want to be a doctor just like him.
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