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My Personal Legend

No description

Cody Puckett

on 1 November 2011

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Transcript of My Personal Legend

Double click anywhere & add an idea My name is Cody Puckett and I'm 15 years old. I play baseball and basketball, and race on the weekends. My dad has influenced me the most on my personal legend. He got me into playing sports when I was young, and I've been in them ever since. He used to race before I did, and he did really good. So that puts a lot of pressure on me to do good so I can impress him. My person legend is to go pro in racing. Not in NASCAR type racing, but more along the lines of motocross or roadcourse racing.
I started racing at age five, and I've dreamed of being in the big leagues ever since. I face a lot of challenges while racing. It puts a lot of wear and tear on your body, so you have to be in tip-top shape.
Over the summer I broke my callor bone in a motocross race. I was out for about three months. When I got back to racing, I was so out out of shape, I couldn't compete on the level I should of been.
I was disapointed about myself, and almost quit. But I overcame my injury and got back on my game. Cody Puckett I have a few personal truths, but my favorite one is, ''Go big or go home''. I live my life with that motto. Thats what I think about while I race. If your not pushing yourself to the max, then your probably in the back of the pack.
''If you have time to do it half way, then you must have time to do it right''. That is another motto I like because it says that if you're going to do something, go ahead and do it right. My favorite band is Rise Against. I like their music because their songs have a meaning to me. ME pERSON wHO iNFLUENCED mE pERSONAL lEGEND cHALLENGES lITERARY wORk pERSONAL tRUTHS I grew up racing. I started when I was five years old, and have been doing it ever since. It is my favorite sport, and it is a sport where your whole family can be involed. The end
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