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Angler Fish

By:Winston Mallory

Brandy Butcher

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of Angler Fish

Anglerfish The Anglerfish has a huge head, dark gray to dark brown, with an enormous cresent-shaped mouth filled with razor sharp translucent teeth. Size Information The Anglerfish is usually under a foot, about the size of two tea cups put together, but some can be as big as a meter and a half. Desription Adaption to Deep Water The most distinctive adaption for an Anglerfish is worn only by females. It is a dorsal spine that protrudes right above the mouth. On the top of it is a glowing flesh ball. It lures prey close enough to be eaten. But a male doesn't need such an adaption for when it is young it latches on to a female such, as a parasite would do, and feeds. Behavior The Anglerfish is a very aggresive and deadly fish.
It mainly just eats and sleeps. It lives in the abyssal plain andis a deadly predator. Fun Facts 1. The Anglerfish can swallow something 2x the size of it.
2. The Anglerfish's light is made up of millions of biominescent bacteria.
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