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Logical Fallacies

No description

Hannah Chong

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Logical Fallacies

Logical Fallacies
Sprint commercial
Logical Fallacies Used in Sprint Commercial
Faulty Analogy: phone service will be great for people now like film crews running the world; Sprint can help you get things done NOW
Analysis of Sprint Commercial
Message: Get work done now, only on the now network
Attack of the Squirrels Direct TV Commercial
Logical Fallacies in Direct TV Commercial
Hasty Generalization: if a film crew ran the world things would be done faster and better; Sprint Now controls everything just like film crews
Audience: Cell phone buyers
Meant to Persuade: Cell phone service buyers who want fast reliable service
What does the message say about a group of society: These cell phone service buyers who want great service right now can be convinced that if they get what they want right away it must be good.
Non Sequitur: Since the squirrels do not listen to Dave, he should get Direct TV
Slippery Slope: even though these events are not logical, the fact that someone does not have Direct TV would lead to someone being attacked by squirrels so get Direct TV so you have someone who will listen to.
Analysis of Direct TV Commercials
Subway Commercial: Michael Phelps
Logical Fallacies in Subway Commercial
False Cause: To be like Michael Phelps you have to eat Subway; you can be a great athlete like Michael Phelps if you eat Subway.
Appeal to Emotions: If you want to be a good Mom you have to buy your kids Subway. This Subway ad is a classic use of pathos in advertising.

Bandwagon: By saying it is the official restaurant of athletes everywhere it is appealing to popularity an using that as a form of validation
Time Warner Commercial
Logical Fallacies in Time Warner Commercial
Ad Hominem: Time Warner attacks Direct TV by saying that they hate puppies which has nothing to do with providing TV to your home. Because Direct TV charges you for HD service you cannot spend money on dog food which puppies love; therefore, Direct TV hates puppies but Time Warner doesn't hate puppies because Time Warner doesn't charge you for HD service.
Evian Water Commercial
Logical Fallacies in Evian Commercial
Volvo Commercial
Oreo: Cream vs. Cookie Commercial
Audience: People in the market to get TV subscription.
Message: Direct TV cares and listens to what you say. Search and Record with just your voice.
Meant to Persuade: people looking for new or better TV service.
What does the message say about a group of society: People who watch a lot of TV are lonely and want someone to listen to them. It also says they like technological tools like voice commands.
Analysis of Subway: Michael Phelps Commercial
Audience: Everyone who eats out for casual dining.
Message: Training requires you to be passionate just like Michael Phelps who eats Subway when he trains so you should too.
Meant to Persuade: people who eat out who care about their health and want to be in good shape like Michael Phelps.
What does the message say about a group of society: People associate eating well and training well with good health and with famous athletes who are in great shape and eat Subway.
False Cause: Many people confuse correlation (things happening together or in sequence) for causation (that one thing actually causes the other to happen). Sometimes correlation is coincidental, or it may be attributable to a common cause. Since Direct TV charges you for HD service and Time Warner does not, you have less money to buy dog food which puppies love. Therefore, Direct TV hates puppies.
Analysis of Time Warner: Direct TV Hates Puppies Commercial
Audience: People looking to subscribe to HD TV service or switching from Direct TV to another.
Meant to Persuade: People who are thinking of switching from Direct TV to another service because they are being charged fees for everything like HD service.
Message: Direct TV HD service is bad because Direct TV hates puppies. By their faulty logic Time Warner HD service is good because they leave you money to buy dog food which puppies love.
What does the message say about a group of society: People associate fees for different additional services like HDTV as annoying. The humor reminds them that they don't like being nickel and dimed.
What does the message say about a group of society: People all want to look young and feel good, and they associate that with the way we all danced and smiled when we were cute and adorable.
Analysis of Evian Water Commercial
Audience: The general public looking to buy bottled water.
Message: Live young by drinking Evian. Evian is a fountain of youth making you feel, move and even look young and natural.
Meant to Persuade: people that drinking Evian water makes you feel, move and look young.
Bandwagon: Who doesn't love puppies? If you love puppies which everyone does, you can't like Direct TV because they hate puppies.
Emotional Appeal: Uses pathos to remind you how cute everyone is as a baby. You can be that way too if you drink Evian. Use upbeat music and modern dance to reinforce message.
Bandwagon: They are now young and youthful, and you can be too if you drink this water!
Logical Fallacies in Volvo Commercial
Appeal to Authority: Famous Actor who does his own stunts is mastering the most epic of splits. Uses ethos to convince you that you should believe his expert stunt.
False Cause: Viewers presume that there must be a correlation between this amazing stunt and the cars that Volvo sells. Volvos must be great because they can produce great visual stunts like this one.
Red Herring: Showing a really cool stunt does not prove that Volvo has great cars.
Analysis of Volvo Commercial
Analysis of Oreo Commercial
Audience: Luxury car buyers who appreciate well engineered cars.
Audience: The general public that buys cookies.
Message: The stability and precision of the Volvo Dynamic Steering system is amazing. If you want good engineering you should look at Volvos.
Message: Oreo lovers are feel strongly about their cookie.
Meant to Persuade: people looking to buy well engineered cars.
Meant to Persuade: Everyone who delights in eating Oreos to eat more of them.
What does the message say about a group of society: Buyers of luxury cars cool technology and great engineering. Tag line at end of commercial says "Carried out by Professionals in a closed off area" appealing to buyers who want something special or different.
What does the message say about a group of society: People who like a very popular food are willing to have a humorous debate about what they eat.
Logical Fallacies in Oreo Commercial
False Dilemma: Everyone in the commercial is fighting about whether they prefer the cream or the cookie part of the Oreo when the cookie is really both. The False Dilemma tries to get you think about buying the cookies whether you like the cream, the cookie or both. Only two possible opinions are presented when in reality there are lots of people to like both or don't like Oreos at all.
Emotional Appeal: Commercial tries to show how passionate everyone is about their opinion on whether they prefer the cream or the cookie better. It makes people question whether how strongly they feel about Oreos.
Hannah Chong, Harry W-D, Kendra Campbell, and Ben Bartch
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