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1887 Yellow River Flood

No description

Ghanan Jeeva

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of 1887 Yellow River Flood

1887 Yellow River Flood

-can cause damage to near cities or towns.
-caused by high amounts of precipitation
-caused when there high increase of the water level
Coastal Flooding-
high tides at shore rise above lowland level
soil not protected because of less vegetation making it easier to flood riverbed
ice caps melt due to global warming
-death toll was estimated
900 000 to 2 000 000 people.
-about 2 million had lost their homes.
-farmers tended to settle near the river because of water and warm weather
-farmers put up dikes to stop river from flooding
-the flood covered 130 000 km²
-destroyed many stores and agricultural settlements
Physical Geographical Factors Affecting Floods

Factors that Contribute

solid rainfall throughout the year
unprotected soil due to less vegetation so it makes it easier for water to flood the riverbed
various rivers near this area (Yellow River)that create such a large impact
largely flat land surrounding the Yellow River
Human/Local Geographical Factors
Affecting Floods
Factors Contributing to the Flood:
- deforestation eliminates the vegetation and soil
>when soil is taken away, the riverbed's elevation lowers leading to flooding
- poor farming practices
>overgrazing leading to more soil washed in rivers
> farmers used vegetation for a long time causing the soil to be infertile making it easier to wash the soil away

In general, higher population densities can be said to create a larger chance of floods because all of these factors are used more with a higher density.

- urban landscape increases run off and river levels rise higher
- large settlements located near the water

Factors that Reduce the Impact:

- dikes are used by farmers to prevent the water from the
Factors that Reduce the Impact
farming land uses result in a large amount of dikes set up preventing the river to flood the land
having a number of developed cities result in orderly evacuation plans in place

Can it be Predicted?
Floods can be predicted to a certain level of extent and can be prepared for ahead of time. Flooding can be caused from high amounts of precipitation. Typically, when there are higher rainfalls, it is predicted that there is a higher chance floods will occur.
An overview of the
1887 Yellow River Flood

A map of the Yellow River. The Yellow River mainly located in Central China between 9 states.

Dike set up for the Yellow River
heavy rainfall causes water level to rise
The End
How they Prevented it
The Effect
Diagram of how a flood occurs.
Other Causes
of Floods
When and Where
floods occur near major rivers or bodies of water
happens mostly in rainy season
rainy season includes the months April to July(in China)
Safety Measures?
Can We prevent this?
-from early predictions we can evacuate to high elevations
- when evacuating bring food water and warmth
-mankind can not stop rain from raining
-can reduce damage of flood by setting up taller and more sturdier dikes
For floods that is.
Lightning Storm

- many people have died from lightning strikes from being hit by a tree or getting lightning struck by you
-lighting strikes are formed from negative and positive energy centering and discharging electricity

How Lightning Bolts Are Formed
- electric energy discharged inside thundercloud
-charges of electricity built up in cloud from different-sized water droplets and winds
- when there's enough charge electricity discharged in the form of lightning bolt
Facts about Lightning Bolts
tree's sap(fluid that flows in xylem cells) gets vaporized from heat caused by lightning currents
a car is safest place when there a lightning storm
cars metal roof is conductor so electric charge goes around you
The ENd!
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