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Winter of TERROR (Europe 1950-1951)

No description

Daniel Flores

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of Winter of TERROR (Europe 1950-1951)

Winter of
TERROR In Europe 1950-1951 What is the "Winter of Terror"? The Winter of TERROR was took place during the years 1950-1951 over a three (3) month period. The "Winter of Terror" sounds like a '70's horror movie, but it isn't. It was a series of freak avalanches that happened in the Swiss-Austrian Alps. The number of avalanches that ocurred during the Winter of Terror was nearly 650 durring the 3-month period! That's nearly about 7 avalanches each day! I couldn't exactly find a rating scale for the avalaches, but if I had to rate them, it would be a 5 from 1 being the less dangerous to 5 being real dangerous! As for the economy, it was hit hard. It's economy mainly relied on trees. So with all the trees lost in the avalanches, you could probably tell the condition they were in... When you count the total deaths, there were 256 just in 3 months! And as for the poor creatures that lived in those forests, many of them didn't make it ;'(

The forests were brought down and the whole balance of the ecosystem was tipped. The occurrences for the number of avalanches were actually rare. It was caused by the unusual weather pattern in the area. It was raining more than usual, which then turned the rain into snow As for the warning system, there
were no warnings that I could find, but if I had to guess, they would've probably announced it over the radio in the area (since it was the '50's) They're attempting to prevent
avalanches from happening again by planting more trees. The tree's are like a giant fence for the snow. They're also clearing out huge snow piles before another avalanche begins. A Couple of Photos: Works Cited:
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