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RDMA as a Learning Mission

No description

Robert Birkenes

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of RDMA as a Learning Mission

Constraints to Learning
Too Busy
"I'd like to learn more about development best practices, but who has time?"
RDMA as a Learning Mission
There Is a Way to Become a Learning Mission...
...and RDMA has already begun!
Moving Forward
as a Team
"I see the benefit from adapting better approaches, but bureaucracy often opposes change...even for the better"
Taking Risks
"We're supposed to innovate and take risks, but what about when we fail?"
The Key:
Agency and Mission leadership value learning and are committed to establishing a learning culture
Learning in Everyday Actions
RDMA has already integrated learning into many facets of our daily work
Specific Learning Events
Experience Summits, Portfolio and After-Action Reviews, and Program Evaluations are some examples of what we are already doing
Formal Training
RDMA continues to be an Agency hub for formal learning through the ARTC
RDMA's Learning Team is drafting a Plan to promote learning as a management tool for success
We expect your ideas and input, and look to you to help your staff incorporate learning into their daily work.
Staff Development
RDMA is empowering staff to learn from our peers through multiple forms of Mentoring
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