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Modern Language Association Style

No description

Trevor Gerard

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Modern Language Association Style

The History of MLA Title Page Works Cited MLA Style Works Cited In-text Citations As with other Styles, of course you must cite your sources inside your paper so that your readers are aware of the sources from which your ideas have come.

Unlike other Styles, in MLA you need only quote the last name and page number directly after the quotation or reference.

This saves searching the bottom of a page for a corresponding footnote Basis for the Styles family:

Why do we have the Styles? Unlike other Styles, the MLA title page does not technically exist, in that it is simply several regulations for the first page of whatever paper you have. Modern Language
Association Style a simple phrase You have now reached the pinnacle of what a formatting Style can be! Enjoy yourselves, and remember the next time you format, choose MLA.* Your last page, as with every page has a heading with your last name and page number.

Sources are listed alphabetically (MLA Style) Where is MLA most
commonly used? - Order, structure, editing, marking, efficiency English and Language Studies This is an incredibly efficient way of formatting. You avoid the excess paper of an entire (mostly blank) page that contains the same information as the top of an MLA first page. INEFFICIENT Concise Where another style might call their last page "Bibliography," with MLA you call your last page exactly what it is, the works that you have cited.

"Works Cited"
It's catching on! Body of your paper Your paper will be doubled-spaced, with no excess spaces between anything.
Every page will have a header,
aligned to the right with your
last name and page number. \/ One-inch Margins Header -> * Actually, format however you are required to by your professors or field of study. History is particularly backward and so still uses the ancient Chicago Style. the best there is Where to look... ? Search the internet! You can find guides and information on specific formatting questions everywhere!
Search for respectable websites, like the Purdue Owl!!! Or you can find handy Purdue videos on formatting on YouTube! You won't remember all of this.
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