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No description

emma rodelius

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Atmosphere

...The Atmosphere! Welcome to our magical tour of Earth's Atmosphere!! Our first stop is the TROPOSPHERE!
Grab your coat! It's a little chilly :) We live in the troposphere! This great layer of the atmosphere is 12 km thick and is where all of our weather occurs! The 2nd layer is the STRATOSPHERE this is the location of our ozone layer... ...which apparently has an ever-growing hole in it... ... the stratosphere is 38km thick and the temperature of the lower stratosphere is -60 degrees celsius For every one km. increase in altitude the air gets about 6.5 degrees cooler. At the top of the troposphere the temperature stays at about -60 degrees celsius. ozone layer!! The 3rd layer of the atmosphere is the mesosphere.
it is 30km. thick and is where meteoroids burn up creating metior showers. Layer number four is the Thermosphere. The Thermosphere has no limit. Any height above 80 km. is the Thermosphere! :] The Thermosphere is HOT! we're talkin' 1800 degrees celsius! The 5th layer is the IONOSPHERE. Here the reflective particles in the atmosphere reflect radio waves back to earth. Exosphere!!! The exosphere is 400 km above earths
surface!!! Also phone calls and tv pictures
are relayed by satelited that orbit earth. The aurora borealis...a.k.a.
northern lights...occur here. The exosphere is 80-
400 km! The Temperature of the exosphere is The Temperature of the Exosphere is -60 degrees celsius! So you might want to pack your winter coat!
you might want to pack sunscreen for when we visit the Thermosphere! BTW! this AMAZING Show was creAted By eMma And kaTIE we will depart from Hamburg Germany in 3...2....1..... BLAST OFF!! uhh oh! It looks like we have some underage passengers! Rember Parents! your children must be 12 or older to come along. Due to the overwhelming reactions of our previous flights we have expanded our capacity to twenty! That's right folks now twenty lucky people will be touring... Welcome to the tour of the atmosphere.
We will be departing in a few seconds.
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