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Living Green Detectives

No description

Tracey Carayol

on 25 December 2013

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Transcript of Living Green Detectives

If you pick up your trash and put it down on

the dirty sand it will smell bad. Maria
Pollution is when bad

things happen to the

Earth. I pick up the garbage. Areanne
Burning garbage is makes bad air and animals sick. Naquan
Being a good citizen means watering a


garden. Dayanara
I am a super earth saver. I throw away garbage . An old fan you can recycle. You can plant a tree if someone cuts one down. Shaylee
We need to clean the earth. We take care of the earth by cleaning. We can clean the earth by recycling. I pick up the litter in the park. Erick
I protect the earth. If I am washing my hands, should I just turn on the water? No! You just turn off the water and when you are ready you turn it back on. Maria
I don't drop litter in my house, not even where I go. I pick up litter and recycle. I protect earth so I can be helpful. Areanne
Pollution is when you throw garbage on the ground. Also, it is when no one recycles plastic bottles and cans. I will stop pollution by picking up trash in my community. Mia
I think apples are healthy for you and me. And I like kiwi, too. Apples grow in the sun on apple farms and they send them to the supermarket. Shaylee
I reduce at home everyday. And I am a good citizen. I eat fresh fruits and vegetables. And I clean them. And I help. And I am a good citizen to the earth. Shaylee
Apples are sweet. Apples taste good. Apples are really good. Apples are red. Erick
Apples are seeds and red and crunchy. And sometimes it's soft and wet. Apple pie is so good. I like apples because they are crunchy and hard. Naquan
Apples grow from seeds and people like apples. I like watermelon. And I like apples, red apples and green apples. Apples are different colors. Apples can be jelly and juice, too. Fekou
I reduce the garbage. Recycling helps reduce the bags of many garbages. This helps the community and helps the garbage problem. Leyshlianne
I learned about apples. Apples are good for everyone and animals. It is healthy for me and applesauce. Areanne
Apples taste sweet and good. Apples make apple sauce and apple pie. Apples grow from apple trees that come from seeds. Mia
Healthy Eating
Apples make apple pie. Apples. Yum!!! Apples make sweet juice. Apples are sweet and sour but taste good. Yum!!! Ofelia
Apples are healthy and good. Apples are crunchy and sweet. Apples come in different colors like
An ambulance worker is an important community helper. An ambulance worker picks up sick people and takes them to the hospital. They take care of sick people. Mia

We need to be good neighbors or good citizens. Each of us needs to help. I am a good citizen. I plant flowers so I can breathe. Brandon
Doctors take care of people and make people healthy. Doctors are helpers, too, in the community. Mia
The mail carrier gives you mail for your mailbox. And when you take the mail out, it's a prize. The mailman is an important community helper. Fekou
Community Helpers
I love teachers because they share. I love nurses because they are community helpers. Bianca
Being a good citizen is eating green like bananas. But do not throw the peel on the floor. And do not waste electricity. Thank you! Jaysen
Fire fighters are an important helper to the community. Fire fighters take people that have fires in their apartment out of the fire and apartment. Areanne
NYC Summer Quest 2012
A NYC DOE / WHEDco Partnership
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