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Ginger Pie Book Review

Newbery Award Winning Ginger Pye

Kcatch McElla

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Ginger Pie Book Review

Ginger Pye Book Project
by, Kianna Lum
About Eleanor Estes
Honor Award
Plot Chart
- Gingers stalker
- not one specific part
- only intriguing part of book
- not slow, relevant, quick paced
- only parts I want to know more
- made an effort about
- gives relevant detail
- most suspense
- foreshadows about stalker
- unsavory character
- mustard yellow hat
Favorite Part of Ginger Pye
- "Eleanor Estes." Children's Literature Network - Home Page. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 May 2013. <http://www.childrensliteraturenetwork.org/birthbios/brthpage/05may/5-9este.html>.

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Early Life
Additional Information
Year Received
Why it Won the Honor
My Opinion
Rising Action
Falling Action
For watching my presentation!
- Born in West Haven Connecticut on May 9th, 1906
- Father: Bookkeeper for a railroad
- Mother: Seamstress and story teller who died early in Eleanor Estes life
- Graduated from West Haven High School she trained as a librarian
- Worked at the New Haven Free Library as a children librarian
- Best know characters lived in her hometown (Crambury Connecticut)
- Won the Caroline M. Hewins scholarship for Children's Librarians
- Allowed her to study at the Pratt Institute library school in New York
- West Haven High School training (1919 to 1923)
- Pratt Institute Library School (began: 1931)
- Trained to be a Librarian
- Majored in Reading and Writing
- Taught at the University of New Hampshire Writer's Conference
- Where: Unspecified
- When: July 15, 1988
- How: Natural Causes
- Age: 82
- Won many awards
- 4 Newbery Honor Award
- Lewis Carroll Shelf Award
- Certificate of Award for Outstanding Contribution to Children’s Literature
- Had tuberculosis
- Attacks vital organs
- Spread through the air
- NOT spread through contact
- Caused by bacterium: Mycobacterium tuberculosis
- Cause: stay in bed for long time
1.) Pye family
- Gracie being jealous
- Mama and father meet
2.) Jerry Pye
- 10 yrs old
- smart
3.) Rachel Pye
- 9 yrs old
- makes unreasonable ideas sound good
4.) Mama
- youngest mother in town
5.) Father
- bird man
6.) Getting the dog ideas
- none
7.) Sam Doody's offer
- Walking along
- Dusting pews for a dollar
8.) Carrying out the plan
- At first: Slowly, a good job
- Faster: Slide Uncle Bennie across pews
- Got side track: preaching
9.) Barn scene's
- Choosing the dog
10.) Yellow hat hurdler
- May be getting milk
11.) The new dog conversation
- Jerry will train it well
12.) Hears footsteps
- Stop: Stop, Run: run, Walk: walk
- Should have doubled up tracks
13.) Names Ginger
- Forgot to name the dog
- Comes up with many unreasonable names
- Mama ends up naming the dog Ginger
14.) Ch. of Dick Badger and his dog
- Pay a nickel: scratch his dog (human:back::dog:stomach)
- Perpendicular swimmer (unique)
15.) Ch. of great accomplishments
- Pencil delivered through fire escape
- Wally Bullwinkle plotted kidnapping secretly
16.) Ginger disperses
- Thanksgiving Day
- Out of backyard
17.) Searches for Ginger
- Yard: looks for any dug holes
- Block: calling out "Ginger"
18.) Looking for Ginger around neighborhood
- Many people search
- Calling name, asking house to house
19.) Search continues
- Reported to police
- Continues to call for Ginger
20.) Skeleton house
- Only the wooden frames
21.) Judges cave
- Know where it is from pirate books
- Portrayed as small yet is large
22.) Introduces Mr. Little
- Known for doing good deeds
23.) More on Mama's family
- Never turn a hungry man away from a doctor
24.) Jerry has German measles
- Can't go the brick lot
25.) Comes running from darkness
- After tearing around half mad
26.) Surprised about appearance
- Speechless about truth
- From puppy to full grown dog
27.) Realize wound
- On head behind ear
- Was he mistreated?
- In Wally's shed
28.) Bond with Ginger
- Jerry: puts down hat= reminds Ginger of kidnapping
- Rachel: "Ginger, Ginger, oh Ginger"
29.) Talks of "Unsavory Character"
- Yellow hat man had him
- It was Wally Bullwinkle
30.) Flashback with Uncle Bennie and Grandma
- Find Ginger but doubt it was him
- Man yelled at them
Love Within a Family
- Portrays example of love between family and the public
- Rachel, Jerry, Grandma, and Uncle Bennie didn't stop looking for Ginger
- Kept going door to door
- Kept calling for Ginger
Published in 1951

won in 1952
- straightforward
- simple
- heartwarming
- clever
- believable
- straightforward
- too straightforward
- way too simple for middle school
- simple
- vocab/wording: older audience
- plot: grades 1 to 3
- heartwarming
- 2/3 of book are Ginger stories
- last 1/3 is when main characters go around calling Ginger's name dragging around a wagon
- clever
- very predictable
- anyone could think of plot/"creative ideas"
- no action through to book

- believable
- comes running toward then when found
Setting of Ginger Pye
Where did it take place?
When did it take place?
Book: Cranbury, Connecticut
- Based on: West Haven, Connecticut
- Area: 11 square miles
- Population: Around 55,500 (2011)
- Unemployed: 9.2%
- Buying Power
- $1: dog
- 5¢ coffee
- $10,000 then: $348 now (96.4% decrease)
- Beginning to mid 1900's
- Beginning of book: 1911
- Newspaper: 1919
- End of book: near 1950's
Young Eleanor Estes
The High School that she attended
The older Eleanor Estes
Concerning Coincidences
Tuck Everlasting-
Man in yellow suit
Ginger Pye-
Man in a yellow hat
Jerry and Rachel kept Ginger close to their heart just like how these dogs are keeping close to one another
Favorite Character Ginger
- Smart
- Many tricks
- Able to escape independently
- Pick up tricks over kidnapping
- Loyal to owner
- Protects from reflection dog
- Brought Jerry his pencil
The characters mentally learned that love can bond family together
Favorite Part
- Afraid of yellow hat Jerry was carrying
- Licked and wagging tail expressing love for the Pye's
- Did what owner told it to do
- Stayed along side of Jerry after dog napping
I learned that along with cats dogs are very loyal by physically and mentally showing the owner
This image represents loyalty because I would imagine that the dog is on top of the owner looking into their eyes as they woke up.
Curious George-

Man in a
yellow suit in a yellow hat
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