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Salim Sweiss

on 17 April 2009

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Transcript of Travel

Travel whether it's to see loved ones, a business trip, explore architecture, sample amazing foods, or immerse yourself in nature, the ability to travel great distances comes with a hefty environmental responsibility thanks to modern technology, the world sure has gotten smaller... to put it in perspective, the emissions created by a round trip flight for ONE person from SF to NY, is equivalent to driving a car for 1 year (12,000 miles)....now multiply that by the thousands of people that travel EVERY DAY!

This is a very serious problem we have on our hands... everytime you travel, you emit greenhouse gas emissions just click on the in the menu bar learn how Green Flyr can help you minimize pollution and give back to nature when you travel! "Minimize Your Footprint" use the toolbar to advance When you offset your trip with us, you will directly fund conservation efforts and ecological sanctuaries around the world! Conservation These projects either take out or prevent the same amount of carbon you emit when traveling.

These projects are only as effective as the support they receive so your help is not only crucial in reducing greenhouse gas emission but also in further developing clean and renewable energy sources. With Green Flyr you fund carbon reduction and prevention projects.
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