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Assisted Death and You!

No description

bradley burchette

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Assisted Death and You!

Assisted Death Patients should have the right
to die when they want
so why not help them! At the age of 65 we should
give the patient the option
to die, and if they have cancer
then they will not have a choice. The less old people we have
in the society, the less money
we have to spend! Our hospitals will save an
enormous amount of time
when we can stop taking care
of the elderly. Lets face it, old people use a lot
of medication and that medicine
costs a lot of money. We could save
a plethora amount of money. If we have less people to
take care of then we will
be able to use a lot less effort. Save room in the hospital! Even though you are
helping them, a person
is still dying. The family might be sad
and depressed. This could cause some
financial difficulties for
the hospital. They make
a lot of money off of the
elderly. There may be a few
minor disadvantages Patients have the right to die
when they want to.
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