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whitney anderson

on 31 May 2016

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Transcript of TITLE TBD

The implications of faith as a WOK (way of knowing)
Real Life Situation
Claim: Faith and reason will be at odds indefinitely, because they have different concepts of truth.
Development # 2
Counter Claim
How loose/strict should the application of separation of church and state be?
Path To Knowledge Question
Knowledge Question:
Claim: In modern history, the meeting of faith and reason in issues is often a point of contention
Development #1
Counter Claim :
The companies did not negate their responsibilities entirely, but only refused their employees the "emergency contraceptives — like Plan B or ella -- or IUDs. Hobby Lobby contends its "religious beliefs prohibit them from providing health coverage for contraceptive drugs and devices that end human life after conception." (Washington Post)

Areas Of Knowledge:

Theory Of Knowledge Presentation
Whitney Anderson
To what extent should faith have the ability to affect reason?
Some for-profit crafting organizations such as Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties were brought to court for negating their responsibilities to provide all types of contraception in the insurance plan set forth for employees.
Under the Affordable Care Act "The law stipulates that employers need to provide health care for their employees that covers all forms of contraception at no cost."(Washington Post)
To what extent should one person/ group's religion have the ability to implicate another?
How valid can we consider faith as a way of knowing?
Faith and science encounter conflict when approaching many modern issues

>Creation Science & Evolution
>Beliefs concerning LGBT Issues
Ways of knowing: faith and reason
>The Natural Sciences
>Religious Knowledge Systems
Faith & Reason
In history as a whole, religion was the main source of reason and it seemed to "work".
Ways of knowing
-Books (Composed by)
-Scientific Method
They may have different concepts of truth, they still have the potential to come to the same conclusion of what is true
Connection to RLS
Faith should have little bearing on reason, as they have entirely different ways of knowing and areas of knowledge in which they hold true. This being said, Hobby Lobby and other organizations should not be able to gain exceptions to a law due to their faith.
Second RLS
On June 26, 2015, same sex marriage was made legal in the US via a ruling by SCOTUS.
Universal Implications
Laws that govern society and have implications should be based on reason. However sometimes this reason does overlap with the beliefs of certain faiths.
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