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No description

Talha Abbasi

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of OCPR

Talha Abbasi
OCP Recruitment Exchange Participant:
Won Best Delegate
Won Most Interactive Session
Won Best Dancer
On-Site OC for Myself-MyWorld'11
Team Member ICX
Team Leader ICX :
Won "Shoot-Me" Contest
2 matches, 1 realization
Leadership Award for the quarter
Team Leader OGX:
7 realizations, 6 more to go
2 times V5 (NYDS'11 & NLC'12)
On-site OC and Co-Faci in Y2B'12:
Won Best Team Award
Head Logistics for AGM'12
OCP Induction Conference'12 Why should I be the OCP ?? Watch the VIDEO (Carefully :P) Whats My
Recruitment Campaign??? OC STRUCTURE OCP OCVP External Relations OCVP Finance & Logistics OCVP
& Communications Campus Ambassador Campus Ambassador Campus Ambassador Campus Ambassador Campus Ambassador Campus Ambassador THINK BIG THINK BLUE THINK AIESEC With Sponsors: Without Sponsors: Max Min Pre-Recruitment Plan Recruitment in SZABIST, Greenwich, NED Recruitment in IoBM, IQRA,
Bahria and Others Post Recruitment Plan Communications Plan The campaign will benefit AIESEC in Karachi’s image locally, nationally and internationally as well.

Will attract potential EPs for winters.

Applicants will be getting a firsthand knowledge of what AIESEC really is and how it functions.

We will have a pool of extraordinary talent flowing from untapped institution into AIESEC in Karachi. Benefits to the LC:
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