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Adelaide Hoodless.

No description

justys villella

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Adelaide Hoodless.

Adelaide Hoodless.
Adelaide Hoodless.
Born: February 27 1857, Brant County.
Death: February 26th 1910, Toronto.
-2nd president of Young Women Christian Association. (YWCA.)
-In 1898 she published a book called Public School Domestic Science.
-With Lady Aberdeen, she helped found the National Council Of Women Of Canada.
-Opened a school of domestic science at Hamilton YWCA.
In the Province Of Ontario and Canada.
During the years of: 1889-1910.
Her son died at 14 months because of contaminated milk and she blamed herself and thought she needed to inform everyone and teach women the knowledge they need to support themselves and their families.
Adelaide went and joined the Ministry Of Education and wrote a textbook to inform people about everything she knew. She launched a 20 year campaign to give women the knowledge they needed to be able to safegaurd their families.
Adelaide Hoodless.
Adelaide And Her Children.
Adelaide Hoodless Homestead.
The End
Welcome to Adelaide Hunter Hoodless. Be prepared to learn about Adelaide and her part in changing womens roles.
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