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Life in Medieval Towns

No description

Alex Jantzen

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Life in Medieval Towns

Leisure and Entertainment:
there were minstrels which
entertained the fairgoers.
Mystery plays was were
they acted out scenes from
the Bible.
Miracle plays was dramatized
the lives of saints. Crime and Punishment
mideival towns had alot
of crime. they needed
a way of stopping it all.
so they came up with
different ways such as:
hanging, throwing people
down a well and putting
them in stocks. Disease and Medical Treatment
they had Leprosy and the
Bubonic plague. the Bubonic Plague
spread and killed millions. Leprosy was a skin condition. Lepers were often ordered to live by themselves. Literature
scholars went from town to town looking for a new form of writing. Literature started to explode as scholars began to question convention
and write social commentary. Food
food would depend on the class you're in. Like in a manor house you would have a wide variety of food. In medieval times the
knights had a code called
a code of chivalry. this word
came from chevalier which is french
and caballero which is spanish and
cavaliere which is Italian. They all ment
the same thing: a warrior who fought on
horse back. Famine
they always feared of
having a lack of food
surpluses were not enough
to create a viable food storage. Lords could not harvest enough grain to last through a famine. Life in Medieval towns was not easy. You had famine
there was leprosy and the Bubonic Plague and who
knows how many other kinds of diseases. Though their
life was harsh there were some things that made
them special. like how commited they are to their religion
or their class.
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