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No description

Indi Bolger

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Disturbed

Disturbed The Band By Indiana Bolger Early Disturbed Before the current singer of the band joined, Disturbed was called Brawl. The members of the band at this point were the same except for the singer. The singer of Brawl left the band, and the three members of the band: Guitarist Dan Donegan, Drummer Mike Wengren, and Former Bassist Steve "Fuzz" Kmak, set out on a search for a new singer. The Search for a Singer
The band began searching for a new lead singer in the Chicago area in 1996. After going to over 20 auditions in a month, David Draiman showed up for an auditon. Guitarist Dan Donegan commented on Draiman " Out of all the singers that we had talked to or auditioned, Draiman was the only singer who was ready to go with originals. That impressed me, just to attempt that." David Draiman joined the band in 1996 and the band changed their name to Disturbed. The Sickness The band recorded many demos, but didn't do live shows. After a while the band signed with Giant Records. In the year 2000 the band released "The Sickness", their debut album. The album was well recieved getting number 29 on Billboard 200. The album has sold over 4 million copies. My favorite songs off of this album are "Voices", "The Game", and "Meaning of Life". Believe September 17,2002, the band released their second studio album "Believe". The album was rated number one on Billboard 200 in 2002. In 2003 the band started the "Music as a Weapon II" tour. After this tour Steve "Fuzz" Kmak was fired from the band for personal differences with the other band members. He was then replaced by the current bass player John Moyer. My favorite song off of this album is Darkness. Ten Thousand Fists On September 20, 2005, Disturbed released their 3rd studio album, "Ten Thousand Fists". This was yet another album that was number one on Billboard 200. The album went platinum in 2006 selling over 1 million copies. This album has also been labeled as Disturbed's most "political" album yet. My favorite songs off of this album are "Ten Thousand Fists", "Just Stop", "I'm Alive", "Land of Confusion", "Sacred Lie", and "Pain Redefined". Indestructible On June 3rd, 2008 Disturbed released their third Number 1 album in a row entitled "Indestructible". Supporting the album the band toured in "Mayhem Festival" along with many other bands. They also did another "Music as the Weapon" tour. My favorite songs off of this album are "Indestructible", "Inside the Fire", "The Night", and "Perfect Insanity". Decade of Disturbed Released March 23, 2010, The Sickness 10th Anniversary Edition, with 2 new songs on it and digitally remastered from ten years ago. The two new songs are "God of the Mind", and "A Welcome Burden". The Guy The Guy is Disturbed's mascot. He has been featured on two of the album covers and has been in one animated music video. He was designed and "brought to life" by Todd McFarlane. There are 12 songs on this album. There are 12 songs on this album. There are 14 songs on this album. There are 12 songs on this album. There are 14 songs on this album.
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