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How is Maths used in Everyday life

No description

Tori Clarke

on 21 July 2014

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Transcript of How is Maths used in Everyday life

Area and perimeter is used in many jobs without realising for example it is used in Architecture and Interior design.
More uses
Other uses
Perimeter and area is also used by many other people for example if you wanted to put a picture in a picture frame you would need to know the area to see what size you need.
Area and perimeter is used all the time in everyday life even when you don't realise it.
Architects use area and perimeter everyday to measure the size of their project that they are going to build.
How is Maths used in Everyday life
A piece of architecture
Area and perimeter is not only used by architects and interior designers....
Area and Perimeter
By Aimee Wood, Tori Clarke
and Nilabja Das

If you were putting tiles in your house you would need to know the area of the tiles.
Another Use
You need perimeter to find out how much track to order to fit it around a football field.
Perimeter and area is also used by
farmers because when they are planting seeds on a field they can calculate how many seeds they will need over the area of the field/fields.
Fencing gardens
Another way area and perimeter is
used in real life is by measuring the
perimeter of your garden to work out
the amount of fence you need.
Swimming Pool
You would use area and perimeter to measure if you are building a swimming pool how big it is to work out how much material you would need.
If you were putting new wallpaper on your wall then you would need to know the perimeter of the size of the room to know how much you will need. You would also need to know the area for carpeting a floor.
Thank you for watching our presentation we hope it helped you understand how area and perimeter is used in real life.
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