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A Farewell to Arms

No description

logan meeks

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of A Farewell to Arms

By Logan Meeks
Mr. Faber

American Civil History
A Farewell to Arms
Ernest Hemmingway
Henry leads a group of ambulance drivers in World War I. He falls in love with Catherine. They eventually are forced to flee Italy. They settle in Switzerland. Catherine dies in childbirth along with their son.
The main conflict in A Farewell to Arms is internal character conflict between Henry's love and his duty to serve.
Conflict Resolution
The conflict was never really resolved. After Catherine and her son dies, Henry walks off into the sunset to wander for the rest of his days.
There are many themes in A Farewell to Arms such as the terrible reality of war, the ridiculous nature of war, and love that can be found in so many different places.
The Characters
Frederic Henry-A young American ambulance driver working for the Italian Army
Catherine Barkley "Cat"- A British Nurse that works in the Italian military hospitals
The Priest-A military chaplain assigned to the army that Henry is a part of
Helen Ferguson "Fergy"- A Scotish nurse that works with Catherine
Rinaldi- An Italian surgeon with the Italian Army and Henry's bunk mate
A Farewell to Arms is set in World War I era Italy and Switzerland. Italy is at war with Austria and the war is at a stalemate. Many different nations are coming together to help the Italians and Allied forces.
A Farewell to Arms
The mood of A Farewell to Arms is happy at first and fluctuates between happiness and despair. It ends in despair, however.
Book Review
A Farewell to Arms is a very intricate and powerful novel. I would say that it one of the better novels to be ever written. I would give it a 5 out of 5 stars
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