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Santorini, Greece

The most beautiful Greek vacation spot!!

Paige Poggemeier

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Santorini, Greece

Greece To get to Santorini, I would take a train from the Airport in St. Louis to Fira, the main airport in Santorini. Often called the most romantic Greek island,
Santorini is a beautiful place to travel. Village of Santorini Fun Fact: The roofs of the houses are white in order to reflect heat from the hot sun What To Do in Santorini: Take a donkey ride.This is a popular way to see all of the sights in villages like Fira and Oia
Where to stay: The Aigialos Hotel in Fira, the most popular village, is a great place to stay because you have access to all of the travel destinations in Santorini Explore the city of Akrotiri. This city was buried 3500 years ago by volcanic ash. The excavation sight is said to be very impressive. Relax at the beach.Beaches in Santorini are picture perfect with red, white, and black sand, and deep blue water. Here's Santorini! What to Bring to Santorini Comfy sandals Camera with extra batteries Backpack Sunscreen Passport
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