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To Give Homework or Not to Give Homework?

Our G.L.A.D. instructors gave us the latest research on homework for all students. Here are the findings...

Ruby House

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of To Give Homework or Not to Give Homework?

3 Homework Myths 1. Homework increases academic achievement 2. If our students don't do lots of homework, their test scores will never be competitive internationally. 3. Those who call homework into question want to dilute the curriculum and kowtow to the inherent laziness of students. "When 45 student dropouts were asked when they knew that they were going to drop out of school and why, almost all mentioned chaotic family lives, cramped living quarters, and kept mentioning inability to complete homework. Homework often punishes studnets in poverty for being poor. According to a 1998 survey by Public Agenda, nearly 50% of parents reported having a serious argument with their children over homework and 34% reported homework as a continuing source of stress and struggle." Kralovec and Buell, Educational Leadership, Volume 58, Number 7, April 2001 What will you do?
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