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paul jennings

Progect awesome

tatjana herron

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of paul jennings

Paul Jennings
Who is Paul Jennings?
Paul Jennings was born in the UK on the 30
April 1943. Paul Jennings is a author for
younger children and he makes kids happy
well he published many books,his books
sales is over the total of 8.9 million which
can translate over 18 languages.
Early life
In 1949 his family emigrated to Australia, where he attended school at Bentleigh west Primary School.He trained to be a teacher at Frankston Teachers Collage and he taught at Frankston State School,Kangaroo Flat State School,the Turana Youth Training Center and the Royal Children's Hospital State School in Mount Eliza. After that he became a lecturer at the Burwood State College and the Warrnambool Institute of Adult Education
In 1989 he moved,with his second wife Claire
and his family to Melbourne and he became a
full time writer.
Paul Jennings has published over 7 Million books.
Paul Jennings is one of the most successful story
tellers in Australia.
Here are some examples like
spookiest stories,funniest stories and much more.
Kids love Paul’s stories because they’re weird and very funny.
Early Achievements
Late Achievments
Paul Jennings Awards
Paul Jennings is very successful.
His children’s books have sold over three million copies in Australia alone and won dozens of awards.
Interesting facts
He is one of the most successful story tellers in Australia and has achieved many awards.
Can you
find your
way out?

By Tatjana Herron
Paul Jennings has been awarded many awards
such as:.The award from international schools across Japan, voted for by the students.Young Australians' Best Book Award (12 times) and Canberra's own outstanding list award (7 times).He also Won Western Region Victorian of the Year Award – presented by the Australia Day (Victoria) 1993.

Awarded Honorary Fellowship as a distinguished member of the community in recognition of outstanding service or attainment in the arts, the sciences, the professions, or in civil society, for the benefit of the community. :Awarded the Sakura Medal for 2011 in the High School category for The Nest. He got awarded so many things and that shows that what a good man he is.
by Tatjana!!!!!!!
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