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GWA Virtual Tours

No description

Syafiqah Sukri

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of GWA Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours
Gems World Academy The Cafetaria This is the cafetaria in GWA. It is near the gym, clinic, field, toilet, but it depends on what side you sit on. The cafetaria is big but every year there are many new kids so the cafetaria is getting smaller. The GYM The Fitness Room Basketball Court Physical Education The Auditorium The Planetarium The Recording Studio The Library This is our library. We can go there during break time and even after school to study. We can check out about 2-3 books. At the bottom of the page is where you check the books that you want to take home. In the gym you can do many sports for example basketball, baseball, handball, rock climbing and many others. Sometimes there are competions between two schools, so the people that are watching sits on the blue chair. Sometimes when we have PE we always sit on theses benches so it will be easier for our teachers to know is we're here or we're not here. This is the our fitness room we do exercise, strength, running skills and the others. We go to the fitness room only during PE( Physical Education) We go to the auditorium is we have assembly, rehearsals, and many others. This is were we record people playing their own instruments or the school's intrument. This is the tennis court, sometime we go here to do other kinds of sports rather than tennis. In the fitness room we do different kind of things. We get to chose what you want to do. It makes your health become better. In the planetarium we usually go in there if we are watching someting interesting for example about the universe, it is really amazing. Done By Syafiqah Sukri, Thanks for watching and hope you enjoyed it The Tennis Court
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