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A Mercy Characters

No description

Johnny Chanthavong

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of A Mercy Characters

- Starts the novel at age 8
- Slave owned by Senhor D’Ortega by birth
- Finishes the novel at age 16
- "Minha Mae" means Mother.
- Was seen as a replacement for Rebecca, or so Jacob Vaark thought...

- Favorite moment:
"I bare my teeth to bite into you, to tear you open Florens - Gets involved in slave trade
- Trades a slave for his debt, Florens
- Awful with money and can't pay Jacob Vaark

- Favorite moment:
"D'Ortega lifted an eyebrow, just one, as though on its curve an empire rested." Senhor D’Ortega - Free white man from England who comes to America as an Agent of the Dutch West Indies Company trading fur and lumber.
- Becomes a farmer after inheriting land
- Doesn't like slavery and thinks its "the most wretched business"
- Husband to Rebekka

- Favorite Moment
"Jacob Vaark climbed out of his grave to visit his beautiful house."

Jacob Vaark - chose to be a wife, saw her other options as servant or prostitute.
- Insulted that Jacob brought Florens as a replacement
- Almost dies of small pox and is taken care of by Lina, cured by the blacksmith

Favorite Moment:
"Shallow believers prefer a shallow god." Rebekka - Native American whose tribe dies of small pox
- Takes care of Florens like a big sister
- Knowledge of farming helps them survive
- Very suspicious of Sorrow

Favorite Moment:
"Killing trees in that number, without asking their permission, of course his efforts would stir up malfortune."
Lina - Found shipwrecked, lived on the sea mostly before found pregnant.
- talks to herself, (Twin)
- very odd, after second baby is born Twin disappears and her new name is Complete

Favorite Moment:
"Then she flushed with pleasure at the thought of a real person, a person of her own, growing inside her." Sorrow Willard and Scully - Indentured white servants who work and see all of this going on.

The Company - Refers to the Dutch West India Company who Jacob worked for

Anabaptist - believed in a sort of conscious baptism of God so as a result Rebekka was upset that they didst baptized her baby Patricia.

The Blacksmith - a free blackman whos a blacksmith and knows about medicine. Other Characters...
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