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How to make Darwin a more entertaining place for Teenagers.

Teenagers vandalize because there is nothing else for them to do. Therefore Darwin needs more entertainment.

Rhiannon Kunde

on 22 June 2011

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Transcript of How to make Darwin a more entertaining place for Teenagers.

Darwin needs more entertainment for Teenagers. Darwin should have more free venues, and under age parties, and should have less entertainment for adults that teenagers aren't allowed to go to. Darwin should provide more entertainment for teens on school holidays and Darwin Entertainment Centre should provide more shows for teens as well as adults. Darwin needs more seasonal activities for children all ages, such as skate/theme parks, etc. Alice Manu, Chynna Godfrey, Emily Manu, Rhiannon Kunde and Susan Edwards Presentaion. What can we do to make Darwin a more entertaining place? We went around the school asking kids what we could do to help Darwin's entertainment. We recorded their answers and and put them all together in a film. Darwin needing more fun for teens but also for adults..
We could use more skate parks, Arts and crafts, water parks and things closer to suburbs or family area's.
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