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GCSE Technology Options

No description

Terry Wilks

on 11 January 2017

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Transcript of GCSE Technology Options

GCSE Resistant Materials
GCSE Graphics
The next step....
Talk to the Technology team and current
Year 10 and 11 Pupils to get more
information on the courses and come and
see the Technology stands during options

The more information you have the better
judgement you will have.

Do not choose a course because your
friend has!
What current Technology pupils are saying.....
Whats the difference from Year 9?

1 Double lesson and 1 single lesson per week
Coursework portfolio to be produced
High quality professional final practical to be produced.
Fronter and Teacher support and extra sessions after school twice a week.
Advanced techniques and equipment is used in lessons.
What is the GCSE course structure?
Controlled Assessment
(Coursework Project)
Drawing + CAD
Various methods are used to create and combine words, symbols, and images to create a visual representation of ideas and messages.
GCSE Textiles
GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition
Meet the Team
Mr Bafadhel
(Graphics & Media)
Miss Horn
Miss Shellard
Mr Poet
Mr Johns
Mr Wilks
(Graphics & Media)

GCSE Technology
Why choose a Technology subject?
Year 11 Exam
Thank you for listening and see you at Options Evening!

Questions get Answers!
Industry Linked
Career driven
Graphic designer, Media, Magazine design, logo design, branding, advertising and other graphic based careers
“ Technology has changed a lot in the last year and I’m enjoying the new changes”
Year 10 GCSE Graphics Pupil
“Lessons are interesting, especially the practical ones.”
Year 10 GCSE Food Pupil
“My teacher has helped me a lot already in Year 10”
Year 10 GCSE Resistant Material Pupil
Textile design is the process of creating designs for knitted, woven or printed fabrics. Pupils have the opportunity to design and make their own ideas linking it to the current industry.

What career could this qualification lead to?
Fashion design, Tailor, Clothing manufacturer and many more creative careers

Specialist Teacher: Miss Shellard
Pupils design and make products which use industrial machinery in the workshop environment.

What career could this qualification lead to?
Construction, engineer, carpenter, architecture, builder, product designer and other practical careers.

Specialist Teachers: Mr Johns
Lesson structure and timetabling:
You would not be cooking each week as you need to learn the core knowledge of the subject for your GCSE exam.

Specialist teachers: Miss Horn

What is Media Studies?
GCSE Media Studies gives students the chance to develop a critical understanding of the role of the media in daily life. What career could this qualification lead to?

Media Studies could lead into a wide range of jobs such as
marketing, advertising, camera operator, editor, production manager, journalism and other media industry pathways.

Specialist teachers: Mr Wilks & Mr Bafadhel
Creative Media Production
Level 2
What is Creative Media Production?
This course is designed to inspire and enthuse pupils to consider a career in
the creative digital media industries. It will broaden your knowledge and develop skills across the digital media sectors. You have the opportunity to create moving images, audio production, games design and website design and publishing.

Specialist Teachers: Mr Bafadhel & Mr Poet
There is no exam in
Creative Media Production

This is a BTEC First Award
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