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Compassion Unit: Eye Cancer

No description

Jessica K

on 11 May 2012

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Transcript of Compassion Unit: Eye Cancer

Loss of sight Symptoms ....A rare type of eye cancer that begins in the retina (the back) of 1 eye. Life: some assembly required How would you feel, You have 5 years to live. You now have an expiration date. Almost all cases begin in children
4 years old or younger. Of all types of cancer, there is a 3% chance of getting retinoblastoma for ages 0-15. Retinoblastoma Book:
The Fault in Our Stars losteye.com cancer.org Sources Synthesize John Green As I read and researched, I kept forming questions:

How would I react if I found out I had an illness with no absolute cure?
Or imagine not even remembering having 2 eyes?
What would I miss seeing if I was blind?

I tried to imagine not being able to see my family, the sun rays at dawn, my homework...

It all just fades to black. Now blind, Isaac uses a cane to feel his surroundings. He also wears sunglasses to cover his prosthetic eyes, because his eyes don't work anyway and he doesn't want people staring at his fake eyes. I used to think cancer was something people were immune to. Afterwards, it dawned on me that compared to having eye cancer, my life is so simple.

I realized that every human has living cancer cells inside of us. That cancer is part of you. And when you get cancer, it's just a part of you that is awakening.

That's why in order to 'assemble' your life, you have to accept the part of you that is cancerous. you have an expiration date? 1 out of 3 cases are hereditary, caused by one or both tumor suppressor genes being defective from the parents. Causes Treatment Hereditary? About 300 Americans are diagnosed with retinoblastoma every year. Affects less than 200,000 people in the United States. Rare= affects 1 out of 2000 or less people. 2 out of 3 children with Retinoblastoma have 1 eye affected. Changes (mutation) in a person's DNA genes. if someone told you that What would you do, Your life sentence... A limit you can't control or break... If it's not detected and treated, the cancer will spread from the eye to the rest of the body. 1 out of 3 children with Retinoblastoma have both eyes affected. The sooner the tumor is detected and treated, the greater the chance of it being cured. Eyes appear to be looking in different directions. Pupil of the eye appears white instead of red in flash photographs. Loss of peripheral vision Eye swelling Pain or redness in/around the eye Blurred vision 2 out of 3 cases are caused by random gene defection, but almost always happens between birth and the age of 4. Specifically, the RB1 gene connected to the immune system - the tumor suppressor gene. Any other details of cause are unconfirmed or unknown. Isaac... ...got eye cancer when he was an infant and had to have 1 eye removed - which cured him... Wore thick glasses that made his prosthetic (fake) eye and real eye look unnaturally huge.

Loved playing video games.

Attended a Cancer Support Group in a church, where cancer patients talked about their issues. When he was 17 the cancer recurred and he lost his other eye, rendering him forever blind. "Not to complain or anything because I know a lot of us have it worse, but yeah, I mean, being blind does sort of suck....
There's nothing you can do about it." Isaac got very upset when his girlfriend left him right before he lost his other eye because she couldn't handle it - having a disabled boyfriend, unable to see her, or anything, really. Life: some assembly required Tumor ...Or if you were healed at a young age, but retinoblastoma recurs later in life,
you will lose the other eye... ...and your world fades to black. Chemotherapy - using chemical substances Radiotherapy - radioactive substances inserted in the eye Surgical eye removal Blocking the tumor's blood supply Visit a doctor on regular basis Take on a healthy diet, preferably vegetarian Exercise daily Some treatments can have the opposite effect. Something distant, that others got, but not me...
No, never me, because I'm special; unique; godlike. Sure, cancer exists, but only for other people. Individual 5 year survival rate once diagnosed, but varies depending on condition of cancer. All that awaits you is death. Statistics -Isaac ...or so he thought. You can try to
extend the expiration date: In the book, Most common eye cancer in children. Cryotherapy - using extreme cold to kill cancer cells The kind of treatment received depends on the condition of the cancer. Thermotherapy - using extreme heat to kill cancer cells Yes. Hereditary retinoblastoma tends to make the child who gets it lose both eyes and develop other cancers. youtube.com mayoclinic.com
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