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West Africa

No description

Southeast Jaguars

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of West Africa

West Africa
By Isaiah & Derik physical Geography traditional people Government popular culture visit countries in this region:
Benin,Burkina,Faso,Gambia,Ghana,Guinea,Guinea bissau,Ivory coast,Libena,Mali,Mauritania.Niger,Nigeria,Senegal,Sierra Leone location:west Africa is found in the North and is surrowed by Atlantic ocean. Landforms:the sahel,crosses northern sengaland,burkina Faso,the sahara desert. Climate:Tropical rainforest,Trpical saranna,Steppe who are they:They are members of Halpular etic group.Located in the souther. what are they like;mbane villagers share field along the banks of the senegal river. what types of government:there government type is republic independence 1 August 1960 what are these countries like today:there are about 8,791,832 africa in west afric country comparison to the world 90. I would not like to visit west Africa because you woild have to be by your self and take care of yourself and you have to take care of all the animals and feed them and water them and you wouldnt have any help with the animals and also Africa because the villagers share the banks.Also i would like to go to west afirca because its something new i would like to meet differnt people and lurn about the way they they speak and there life there.
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