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Conjunctions and Interjections

Vishva and Amelia

Vishva Shah

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Conjunctions and Interjections

Interjection: A word or phrase that expresses
strong feeling. "WOW!"
"Oh, No!"
"AH!" After hours of searching, we finally found Miku's green onion. Yes! Conjunctions are words that connect a group of words. Ann wanted to do the painting part of the project, but Sam already did it, and it was great. Emily and Annie could go to
Taco bell or Burger king for lunch. I don’t like the flowered pants, nor the floral print shirt. I have to wear the blue shoes because I lost
my favorite purple shoes. Interjection - A word or phrase that expresses strong

Some examples:

"STOP" Interjections are words or phrases
that express strong feeling.

Some interjections:

"Yay!" Interjections! After hours of searching,
we finally found Miku's green onion. Yes! Amber has to use a flipphone unless she can get the money for the new iphone Oh, No! Slender man is out to
get me! Yay! I got over 1,000 subscribers on
YouTube! Wow! You're a very good singer! OUCH! Meiko hit Kaito on the head
with an empty glass bottle. Conjunctions
Interjections Coordinating conjunctions
connect word to word,clause to
clause, or phrase to phrase. Subordinating conjunctions
introduce a dependent
clause. Correlative conjunctions connect
two words phrases or clauses. "And"
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