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Luthor Manor Courtney

No description

Sanchez Kennedy

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Luthor Manor Courtney

When you were young you said that you lived in Durango, Iowa.
For Holidays you would get together at your grandmothers house.
You said that you were close with your sister and fought with your brothers.
You want people to remember that you're a good bowler.
Your favorite car color is black.
When you were 16 you had a Chevy of your own.
Your dad taught you how to drive.
You began to drive in your neighborhood.
Thank You
By: Courtney

As a child your favorite game was "Monopoly".
You had a pet dog that lived with your family.
In the winter you liked to build snow forts.
During the summer you liked to swim.
I live in Dubuque,Iowa.
For Holidays we usually get together at my house or my Grandma's house.
I'm constantly fighting with my sisters.
I want people to remember that I'm a good dancer.
My favorite car color is silver.
When I get older I plan to have my own silver Audi.
A drivers education teacher will probably teach me.
I will most likely learn to drive near Hempstead high school where I learn to drive.
My favorite game to play is "My Singing Monsters" on my tablet.
I have 2 dogs and in the past I have also had a snake, frogs, a turtle, and a bunny.
I like to sled and build forts in the winter.
It is fun to jump on my trampoline, swim, and sun bathe in the summer.
You had your own bedroom with a big closet.
In your neighborhood there was a lot of children.
You had a large yard behind your house.
Your house was aheated by oil.
I have my own bedroom witha smaller closet.
In the neighborhood that I live in there is a lot of children.
My yard is also big. It is 1 acre of land.
My house is heated by electricity.
Thank You Donna
Dear Donna, I have learned many different things about you. I had the most fun learning about your family and comparing it with mine. You taught me to be more patient beause when ever we might have been trying to understand eachother, you would stay calm and we would keep trying. You made me feel excited because I loved to learn more things about you. After today, I will remember that you are a fantastic bowler and that you are very patient. You are unique to me because of that.
Sincerely, Courtney.
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