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Summative #1

No description

Emma Peters

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Summative #1

K'naan Childhood? hOW did he get into music? musical influences? his music achievements Born in Somali. He spent his childhood in Mogadishu while the Somali Cival War was taking place. K'naan was born into a muslim home. To escape the war, he and his family moved to Toronto, Ontario where there was a large Somali Canadian community. K'naan has been listening to American music since he was a child. His father would send him records to Somalia from America where he lived. He learned to speak English, which he incorporated into his music, whilst he lived in Toronto. K'naan's music is often described as a fusion between Bob Marley, American Rap, and poetry. He likes to create songs with a message often about blood
shed which he witnessed while he lived in Somalia. He often tries to stay away from the "gangster" stereotype that often follows the Somali Canadian community where he lived as a teenager. K'naan has released 3 albums
since his debut in 2004. K'naan's hit single, Wavin' Flag, was used as one of theme songs for the 2010 Winter Olypics. Wavin' Flag was also re-done by a group of Canadian artists in an effort to raise money for Haiti after the devastating earthquake there in 2010. K'naan continues to be a musical icon for many young people all around the world. K'naan has done many musical colaborations with
artists such as Jason Mraz, Keane, and Wale. K'naan has many hit singles such as ABC's,
Wavin' Flag, Bang Bang, and Soobax.
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