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All About Me

No description

Mihret&Emma Ganseliasziw

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of All About Me

About Myself
My name is Emma Gansevles, I am 13 years old and in grade 8. I was born May 20th 2002. I was born in Stratford, Ontario. I have 2 siblings and their names are Meghan and Ryan. Meghan is in Grade 6 and is 11 years old and Ryan is in Grade 3 and is 8 years old. My parents names are Mark and Lori Gansevles. My dad is 41 years old and my mom is 40.
On the spare time I have when I am not playing baseball or hockey I love to snowmobile and fourwheeling with my friends and family. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also like to go to the beach and swim and tan or go to the mall and have a shopping day.

A good moment
About 3 years ago in the whole season of hockey we got all gold medals but 2 and placed in every single tournament we went into.
See myself in the future
I can see myself being a doctor even tho I don't like blood, I like to be around people and help them get through what they are fighting or recovering from.
Proudest moment
When my hockey team 2nd in Ontario. It was something big for me because it was my first year playing travel hockey, as a team we had so many successes and that was one!
Some facts about me
- Hockey is my favourite sport
- My favourite book is Between Shades Of Grey
- My favourtie movie is The Fault in our stars
- My favourite tv show is Vampire Diaries
- My favourite song is I don't know theirs a lot
- My favourite NHL hockey team is Pittsburgh Penguins

All About Me
By Emma Gansevles
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