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Project Management Final Presentation

No description

Mark G

on 9 June 2017

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Transcript of Project Management Final Presentation

VPN & Network
Implementation Project

Project Charter

Project Scope Statement

Work Breakdown Structure

Project Schedule

Project Cost Analysis

Quality Management

Human Resources Allocation

Communication Management

Risk Identification

Procurement Analysis

Project Charter
Company: ACME Inc.
Business Case
Outdated network infrastructure
Operating at maximum capacity
Implementation of a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Allows for cost savings and scalability for the organization

Identifying Key Stakeholders
ACME Employees
Government Regulating Body
Municipal Regulating Body
AGN Enterprise
ACME Customers

Project Requirements
1. Remote access and site-to-site VPN's will be supported.

2. Available support for telecommuters.

3. Reduce network topology.

4. Extend geographic connectivity.

5. Provide global networking opportunities.

6. Increased security, reliability, and scalability.

Project Scope Statement
Product Scope
Upgrade to network infrastructure
New VPN and Network functionality

Project Scope
Assessment of current network
Cost estimation
Acquisition and purchase of resources
Full implementation

Proposed Solution
Project Schedule / WBS
Project Cost Analysis
Quality Management
Maintain Company and Industry Standards for Network and VPN implementation

Primary Quality Concerns
Connection quality and uptime
Problem detection

Quality Requirements
1. 99.99% uptime availability on all new equipment (HP, Cisco).

2. Energy Star compliant to reduce power foot print and achieve greener status.

3. Multiple power sources for redundancy and fault protection.

4. Use and follow AAA (authentication, authorization, accounting) standard.

Human Resources Allocation
Human Resources Considerations
Defined Roles and Responsibilities
desired skills and requirements

Acquiring and Scheduling Staff

i.e. certificates, school background, hands-on

Communication Management
Methods of Communication

Types of Meetings

Internal and External Communication

Recording Communication
Support Services
Issue Logs
Ticketing System

Document Storage
Lessoned Learned documentation
Archive project for future use

Risk Identification
Procurement Analysis
Acquiring Equipment & Setup
Cheaper to complete using internal resources

Network Audit and Testing
Cheaper to complete using internal resources

Questions / Comments
Project Management
Group Members

Matt Austin
Andrew Norgate
Mark Guina
Acquiring and Setup of Equipment
Vendor 1

Cost of Delivery: $300
Cost of installation per switch: $100
Cost of fire wall installation: $25

Total Cost: $300 + (10 Devices * $100) + $25
= $1325

Vendor 2

Cost of Delivery: $0
Cost of Installation per switch: $125
Cost of fire wall installation: $50

Total Cost: (10 * $125) + 50
= $1300


Cost of Delivery: $500
Labor cost: (8 hours of labor * 2 employees) * $30/hr

Total Cost: 500 + (16 * 30)
= $980

ACME Inc. - Network equipment had reached End of Life.

Implemented VPN and upgraded network.

Increased security, cost savings, and scalability.

Project was a success due to proper management of resources .
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