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GSEM-Marketing Plan


Tim Schickling

on 20 January 2011

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Transcript of GSEM-Marketing Plan

The Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts “Changing with the times is one of the best-preserved traditions in Girl Scouts!”

-Joanne L. Johnson, Council President


Increase membership

Through traditional methods and the Pathway Initiative

Recruit and Retain volunteers

Sell 800,000 boxes of cookies, earning $2.5 million in sales

Increase traffic to website

Use social media to increase retention rate and maintain memberships/volunteers

Utilize AdWords to direct users to the Cookie Locator

Drive traffic to site through AdWords ads as well as Twitter posts and Facebook updates Business overview The Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts

Nearly 100-year-old non-profit organization

Dedicated to the empowerment of girls

Activities include: Camping, creative arts, innovative programming in science, technology and the environment, and financial literacy

45,000 scouts and 17,000 adult volunteers

GSEM CEO, Ruth Bramson says, “every girl is a leader who moves the world in a better direction”
Situational Analysis

The importance of social media to the GSEM is simple: Membership drops at age 13.

84% of teens, ages 12-17 are online, according to a Pew Research Center study.

Social media can help them better understand, respond to, and attract the attention of their target audience. Strengths

Girl Scouts is a developed brand,
Most scouts, parents and volunteers are already online.
GSEM already has an extensive ""real world" network of girl scouts, leaders, parents, and volunteers.


Older troop leaders might have trouble moving online.
Limitations concerning the use of images of the young children online.
Child internet safety can be a concern to parents.


Can use social media to connect with their target demographic, tweens and teens.
Social Media can give the organization an opportunity to sort and collect insights.
Girl Scouts are not geographically limited to interacting with other Scouts at events.
A social media plan can raise awareness and increase registration for the extensive number of programs and events offered by GSEM.
Social Media can increase membership.
Get more website visitors through Google Adwords.


Stiff competition. American Heritage Girls has more fans than GSEM and are only 15 years old. Girlstart, a non-profit focused on empowering girls in math, science and technology has nearly 1000 followers on Twitter and 400 Fans on Facebook.
Uncertainty surrounding the influence social media has on academic and social skills of children.
SWOT Communication overview

social media tools current

Facebook 1187 Fans Twitter 187 Followers
Blog No Video Yes Girl Scout of Eastern Mass Fan Page
Nearly 1200 fans
Active Wall with posts ranging from announcements by GSEM to questions posted by parents
Large collection of photos
Utilizes the Discussions tab starting topics such as financial ad for disadvantaged Brownies
Lists upcoming events and event registration
Google Adwords Initially Created campaigns for:

Cookie sales




Diversity Initiatives

The Leadership Experience TWITTER Facebook

Adjusted budgets of live campaigns

Tweaked keywords

upon request added additional campaign: Girl scout shop

Launched four new AdGroups to the Camp Campaign AdWords Results Most Successful KeyWords Social Media Results Twitter Over Time...
AdWord Recommendations Facebook continue using AdWords campaigns and eliminate and/or adjust the campaigns that have a low CTR

continually add relevant keywords and adjust ones that are currently up

Allocation of budget between campaigns can also be adjusted to optimize spending on relevant keywords
Social Media Recommendations QUestions? Comments? Facebook Twitter 94% of fans are age 35-44 User Created Content

encourage members to start blogs


THe 1% rule Listen two way communication

Unlink the Twitter/Facebook

quality counts
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