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The new story of reihl

No description

Andrew Reihl

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of The new story of reihl

The Story Of Reihl The Future Childhood Birth Born january 30th 1995 in Ann Arbor Michigan Early Childhood Lived In Ann Arbor until I was six I still go back there every other year to watch the Michigan Ohio State Game When I was six I found out that i was moving to colorado Colorado When I first Got here I started going to Mountanview Elementery school Live In Parker Go Skiing and Mountain Biking up at my cabin in keystone Its definantly a lot better then Michigan Surgery When i was In Third Grade I started getting bad Pains in my back Eventually I got Hospitalized E
after After two surgeries i missed one month of school and i los 35 lbs Family Mom Jan Reihl Dad Me Sister Jan Reihl Jeff Reihl Katie Sports And Hobbies Basketball I Played for A while
I was Always a center or a forward Even Though i don't play anymore I still like to watch Football
Ive Played Football since 5th grade I started Playing center this last year Our football team wasn't that good Since it is the only sport I play I have to get up and go to weight lifting every morning Skiing I used to Ski race Ski at keystone or A Baisen I have a House in Keystone I try to get up at east 35 times a year Schools Mountain View Kindergarten-3rd North East Grades 4th through 6th SageWood Grades 7-8 Regis Jesuit Grades 9-12 Present I attend Regis Play Football Get good grades Live in Parker I like Regis I hope to attend the University if michigan It is May Favorite University From Michigan I hope to get an MBA I would like to be a successfull manager I hope that i will be able to look back on regis as a posotive expierience I hope i can look back and say that i had a great life
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