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Minnesota Micromotors Inc.

No description

Justin Dolan

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Minnesota Micromotors Inc.

Our Strategic Plan
A Balanced Approach Minnesota Micromotors Strategy Pricing Strategy Strategy Cont. Adjusting To Market How we manage Budget Reductions Focus on similar markets
Be the Industry leader
Power to Size
Invest for long term Power to Size
Focus on segment A
Use similarities from A to attract C
Meet the needs of D
Work within what market will support
Target Segments dictating the price "We will maintain our strategy, and make
minor adjustments to reflect current market
conditions." "Don't stray from strategy" Not compromising Power to Size
Adjusted Price per Unit
Balance the Sales Force
Balance the Budget
Reduce spending on Sales Force
Reduce Dollar value on Product
Maintain Ratios and Percentages
Spend early to save later What we Learned.... Be More Aggressive with Price
Focus on Market Share
Focus on Price
Focus on Sales Force Learning Objectives Managing "the mix"
Managing segments Questions
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