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No description

Ben Krieg

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Resistance

Individual Resistance
When a hearing family has a deaf child, the parents sometimes try to raise them like they are hearing
Parents sometimes refuse for their child to participate in Deaf activities or even using sign language
Parents may try to find a cure or simply refuse to believe that their child is deaf.
Collective Resistance

Collective resistance is more effective than individual resistance.
Audism Free America
Phone Workforce Equality
-If the Deaf only have access to the phone on Thursday, then everyone will only have access on Thursday.
How can we stop Audism?
Equal access for all
Raise awareness
Respect each other
Audism is defined as discrimination against people who cannot hear and speak.
Audists believe that the hearing community is superior to that of the Deaf community.
Audism judges, labels, and limits individuals on the basis of whether they can hear and speak.

Has a bright outlook
All reforms of public opinion take time
Woman's Rights Movement
Civil Rights Movement
Deaf Studies
The Deaf community resists audism and fights back against prejudice.
Individual Resistance
Collective Resistance
-Deaf President Now
Educating the public is invaluable
Gallaudet first school to offer a Deaf Studies program
Many colleges and universities followed suit
UC's Deaf Studies Certificate
Where is Audism?
Deaf community
Cochlear Implants
Parents may want their child to wear hearing aids or cochlear implants so the child can live as a hearing person
When the deaf child feels that their identities are being supressed they might lash out against their parents
They might take off their hearing aids or cochlear implants
When their parents want them to vocalize the deaf child may refuse and only use sign language as a sign of defiance
Deaf Art

Ben Krieg, Kailey Longpre, Josh Wallace
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