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Powerpoint Explanation-How Caves Are Formed

Explains how caves are formed

ranjani naiker

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Powerpoint Explanation-How Caves Are Formed

Limestone caves are formed when rainwater combines with
carbon dioxide which comes from the atmosphere. This becomes carbonic acid. The carbonic acid dissolves limestone for many years. Then the dissolved limestone flows through joints in a rock and builds up over many millions of years. Decorations of a limestone cave The dissolved acidic rainwater enters the gaps in the rock. This diagram shows a clearer picture on how a limestone cave starts to form. The formation of stalactites start off with a drop of dissolved acidic rainwater on the ceiling of the cave. The acidic rainwater hardens, continuously grows downwards, and forms a stalactite. How stalactites and stalagmites form Limestone Caves By:Roma Naidu- E11 Limestone caves have been around for millions
of years. But how are they formed? Answer: Scientific Formula:
H 2 O + CO 2 = H 2 C O 3 (Rainwater) Carbon
Dioxide ( ) (Carbonic acid) Today I will explain: How limestone caves form. The parts of a limestone cave. Why are/were limestone caves useful. How stalactites and stalagmites form. What limestone cave decorations are. What it is/was used for. The dissolved acidic rainwater hardens and starts to build up. The hardened rock continues to build up and starts to form a cave. Picture of stalactites Stalagmites form just like stalactites form, except they start from the ground and grow to the ceiling. They start off with a single drop of acidic rainwater that falls from a stalactite directly above it. Drapery Stalagmites Stalagtites Straws Columns Flowstone Limestone caves are useful nowadays because they are home to so many animals, and are also great tourist attracktors. People still live in caves, but it is not very common. Why limestone caves are/were useful? Parts of a limestone cave What are/were limestone caves used for? Tourist attractions
Holiday spots
Homes for people
Homes for animals
Functions & parties
Sport playing areas Picture of a class in a cave Above: Answer: What cave decorations are Straws are stalactites but look like thin straws Stalagmites grow from the ground to the top Stalactites grow from the top to the ground Columns are formed when a stalactite and stalagmite join together Flowstones look like frozen waterfalls Draperies are like stalactites but have a twist in them Bibliography: The reason I chose this topic was because we went for a trip to Jenolan Caves during the holidays. www.jenolancaves.org.au - writing Google images - pictures Picture of stalagmites Lets find out
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