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Michigan Dwarf Lake Iris

The endangered species of the Michigan Dwarf Lake Iris

Kendra Pilot G-2 07

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Michigan Dwarf Lake Iris

Endangered Michigan
Species Michigan
Iris Iris Lacustris In every ecosystem, plants, animals, and even the sun have roles. For instance... The Dwarf Lake Iris survives in a low light situation. Its needs don't include a bright sun. Endangered Status -Threatened Aha! Roles How/Where can it survive? Sketches Why is the Dwarf Lake Iris threatened. Michigan Dwarf Lake Iris!
Flower from www.clker.com Species Hi, I'm not here right
now, please leave a
message at the beep.
*BEEP* God's creation is
a gift? So why abandon
it? The Dwarf Lake Iris needs to be protected. You don't throw away gifts do you? And why? Where is the Dwarf Lake Iris found? Yum! Chemical Sprays and home building are all The Dwarf Lake Iris
(Iris Lacustris) is found in a very small amount of space. The map below shows where it is found. www.ncrs.fs.fed.us Most plants only get their energy from the sun, which is exactly what the Dwarf Lake Iris does. So, the sun is an a biotic producer, and the Dwarf Lake Iris is a producer to different organisms in its ecosystem. over Michigan. Hazardous chemicals push the Dwarf Lake Iris out! Hmmm....... Expensive Not THAT expensive! Let's check reasons... Cost around $1,000 depending on how many
surveys will be needed, etc. Iris Lacustris Size: Small! 6-8 inches tall with a 1-2 inch flower.

Leaf and Root Structure: Because the flower is a Rhizome, its roots actually can grow a new plant. The roots aren't very neat, numerous and tangled. Leaves are thick, long, and tulip-like. What kind of place does a MI Dwarf Lake Iris like?
Dwarf Lake Iris like shade, but can survive in full sunlight. This flower uses moisture from the ground, and that water source never seems to end. www.howstuffsurvives.com This plant also lives in an ecosystem around lakes. Dwarf Lake Irises tend to grow surrounding a lake. Examples: Lake Michigan and Northern Shores of Lake Huron. michigannature.wordpress.com Color: Most always a lavender color. Rarely, a white Dwarf Lake Iris occurs. www.flickr.com www.allposters.com john.moisttowelettemuseum.com dwarflakeiris.blogspot.com www.flickr.com So how are we protecting it? You must get a permit to start any construction, research, etc. that could potentially harm any endangered or threatened species. Also, anyone who may possibly have Dwarf Lake Irises in the land are contacted so they might help, too. Thanks for watching!
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