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The Québec Winter Carnival

No description

Faiqa Shahidi

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of The Québec Winter Carnival

The Québec Winter Carnival
History of Carnivals
Before the first day of Lent, followers of the Catholic religion in Italy had a tradition of having a wild costume carnival full of dancing and food. This tradition became famous so other Europe Catholic countries such as France & Spain adapted it. When they began to rule the Americas and other places worldwide, the tradition spread.
1962's Ice Palace in the Quebec Winter Carnival
Tourists' Attractions
Ice Palace
Bonhomme Carnaval
Snow Sculptures
Night Parades
Other traditions: Queen & Duchesses, Canoe Race, Arrowhead Sashes & Trumpets
Before, there was 1 night parade that closed the carnival.
Now, there are 2 night parades. Happen in the second & third carnival weekends
Colourful floats, dance troupes, marching bands are in the parades.
Night Parades
Competition between international, professionals sculptors.
The Quebec International Snow Sculpture Competition officially opened in 1973; 4 teams participated
Place Desjardins & Loto-Quebec have an outdoor museum with many snow sculptures
Snow Sculptures
Is the mascot of the carnival.
Wear's a red hat and sash.
He was created in 1954.
Since 1955, he has personified the carnival from the start.
Bonhomme Carnaval
Built for Bonhomme Carnaval in 1955
From 1956-1972, it was located in D'Youville
In 1973, it moved to the opposite side of the Quebec parliament.
Made of 9000 tons of snow, compacted to small bricks
50m wide, 20m deep, and 20m high
Costs $85,000 including electrical costs
Ice Palace
Thank You!!!
2014: January 31-February 16
Dates for the Next Quebec Winter Carnival:

How the Carnival has Evolved Over the Years
Timeline of the major changes or additions of the carnival from 1959-2013.
The Ice Palace was in D'Youville.
The Ice Palace was built right in front of the Parliament Building.
International Snow Sculpture Competition was held.
The Snow Sculpture Competition was moved to the Plains of Abraham.
To see the view of the carnival, a Ferris Wheel was added in Place Desjardins on the Plains of Abraham.
Since most festivities took place in Place Desjardins and Plains of Abraham, the Ice Palace was moved to be in the heart of festivities.
Project LUMOCITÉ was the first architectural projection, which was lighting up the most beautiful monuments in Quebec. It was also a mapping competition of North America.
"It was so awesome! I wish I could go there again! loved that carnival! You should go there. It is worth it!"
- Claire 7A
Presented By:
Faiqa Shahidi
Queen & Duchesses
Arrowhead Sash
Canoe Race
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