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Driving Customer Satisfaction

No description

Sian Mitchell

on 10 July 2014

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Transcript of Driving Customer Satisfaction

Driving Customer Satisfaction
Delivering Growth

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Our Customer Journey...
Our customer's journey begins even before their first purchase from us, it starts with their desire to succeed

The time they spend on the road with us should not only focus on driving them towards their aims, it should be a pleasure and deliver lasting rewards for us both...
Agree where We are going...
Plan Our Journey
Under way at last...
We've Established Our Starting Point
We Know Where We're Going

Is that really all there is to it? Have we missed something?
Across Internal and External Stakeholder groups, including customers, suppliers, internal sales, consulting, project management and finance teams
Understanding & Benefiting from Opportunities & Rewards available to our Customers & Ourselves
What are we setting out to do?
Ensure Satisfaction through Excellence in the Delivery of our Products and Services
Demonstrating Passion, Integrity and Creativity in our world and Developing and Using appropriate Processes, Methods and Tools to Ensure we Deliver
Understanding Stakeholder's needs from Day 1 by using Continuous Improvement Techniques to Deliver Satisfaction to Develop and Maintain Quality Long Term Relationships
Sian Mitchell
Prepare Ourselves, Learn to Drive...
Excellent skills and tools
Maintained and improving performance
Internal and external relationships which run smoothly
A satisfied, loyal client base who return to and recommend us
Growing Commercial and Development Strategies
Oh - and Profits!
Identify roles and responsibilities of extended team
No back seat drivers, No racer boys
Everyone heads in the same direction

Pay attention
Understand that often, something which starts out small can quickly develop.

Fix Problems as they arise
Use this knowledge to identify potential problems which can easily be resolved and fix them before they blow up

Establish Our Starting Point...
Reactive Relationships
High costs
Low to medium value
Long time to resolve
High risk of errors
Share with all stakeholders
Check Progress and Correct the Route from Time to Time...
Communicate Our route clearly...
Agree timescales for review
Agree benchmarks for improvements
Identify patterns
Encourage 360 feedback from all stakeholders
Disjointed manual processes
Keep Our Eyes On The Road...
Ensure Our Vehicles are Roadworthy...
Training & Development
Support staff by providing the best technical training and capability in the industry
Actively employ new skills and develop those we already have by increasing learning opportunities

Best Practices
Maximise one of our core competencies to develop systems and leverage their effective use within our own business and across those of our partners

Performance Management
Create value by attracting, developing and retaining highly competent people and partners
Focus on combining knowledge and skills to deliver solutions and growth

Client Relationship Management
Share knowledge, communicate, create and develop strong teams, deliver results together

Workforce Planning
Achieve a workforce which reflects the variety of areas in which we operate, utilising and developing our capabilities to support growth for ourselves and our clients
Arrange to Keep in Touch...
Use appropriate means to keep in touch with our teams.
Provide them with the level of information they want to know...
On Event/Live CRM Update
Daily Internal Team Updates
Weekly issue/idea/best practice sharing for internal & external teams
Weekly Stakeholder Updates

Manage our expectations and those of our clients
Stakeholder Management - give the information required
- quickly and accurately
Maintain direct contact with all of our Stakeholders
En Route...
Get to Know Our Customers and Our Partners...
Build our knowledge
Observe, participate in and understand our own and our clients businesses
Identify who's who and stay up to date with what they are doing
Are we talking to everyone we can?
Be actively interested in the small stuff, what else are they doing?
Could we help?
Do we know anyone who could help?
Identify key goals for ourselves, our clients and our stakeholders
Can we be doing more?
Encourage collaboration via regular networking sessions
Keep an eye on the Budget
What funds are available?
What funds can be found - can we help?
improves relationships creates opportunities
Relationship Building
Collaborate - what can we do together today?
Wander around then agree focus areas
Chat regularly, catch up, link in, email,
phone, face to face - just talk

Enable Growth
Introduce value added no cost initiatives
Introduce folk who know about
- Market Trends & Business Information
- Science & Technology
- Social & Environmental Research
- Funding & Investment
Active Collaboration
Mutual Benefit
Open Communication
Effective Liaison
Return & Recommend
The purpose of our journey is to Deliver...
Make sure we have a clear view of all activity
- with many partners the true scale of their
needs may be hidden
- watch out for obstacles as they arise and
plan for them
- spot synergies

Healthy Relationships Postive Opportunities
Happy Teams
Have Confidence in Our Drivers...
They won't be the ones who..

Push People
Rely on Authority
Inspire Fear
Say "I"
Place Blame
Know How
Use People
Take credit
Say "Go"
They will be the ones who...
Coach people
Share Success
Generate Passion & Enthusiasm
Say "We"
Offer Help to Solve the issue
Show How
Develop People
Give credit
Say "Lets Go"
Our Goal
Active Collaboration
Mutual Benefit
Open Communication
Effective Liaison
Return & Recommend
Thank You
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